Writing Prompts-How To Make Them Work

I absolutely love to write. It is one of my favorite things. Whether it is blogging, articles or working on  my newest non-fiction project, I loved putting pen to paper. Or keys to the screen. In order to keep up with all the racing thoughts in my head, I have to keep a list of writing prompts.

I actually am pretty scattered about how and in what order I keep up with ideas. Here are 3 of my favorite ways I try to compartmentalize the crazy writer within and keep all of my content in one place:

1.) The notes section of my cell phone. I use this when I am in a hurry and I tab certain ideas like ‘camping’ inside its own note. I can also email them individually to myself, whether I am working on an individual blog post or just a list of ideas.

2. Pinterest Boards. While I write non-fiction and blog posts, I also secretly love writing novels and fictional short stories for my kids. While ‘I Walk For Water’ around the issue of clean water in the world, the characters were fiction.

alt="i walk for water"                                                                               I Walk For Water

I use Pinterest to post pictures about character personalities, fashion and the newest novel I’m working on. What I love about Pinterest is the you can use different boards and not all of those have to be viewed by the public. Secret Pinterest boards are a great way to keep information close and hidden until you are ready to release it to your Pinterest followers.

3.) Notebooks. In addition to my journal, that I keep beside my bed, in case I have a crazy dream, I also keep a small notebook in my purse. Depending on where I am and what I am doing, I cannot always have my cell phone out and in use. I also just cannot get over how much I love putting pen to paper. The feel of actually writing things out never gets old to me.

So I’d love to know, how to you keep your posts and ideas together and cohesive?

Lindsey Andrews
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Attorney & Author of I Walk For Water. http://amzn.to/1FWlzpW Loved by hubs, 2 adopted kids, but worshiped by a French bulldog, named Walter.


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