Hanging On To The Sweetness of Summer

Does school starting bring you the same mix of emotions it does me? While I love the kids being back on a schedule and having a few free moments to myself, there’s always a bit of sadness when the backpacks are loaded and sports schedules overtake our lives. For some reason, I’m more nostalgic this year about summer than most, and I’m want ways to be hanging on to the sweetness of summer.

I made us a list of ways I hope this will play out, before the chill of fall comes and we are digging out sweaters and thick socks.


I’ve always been a stickler about us eating dinner together as often as possible. In order to hang on to summer though, there are several nights that we eat outside. Whether we grill burgers or chicken or just cut up fresh fruit and veggies for a light snack after practice, summer food is always some of the best food. It doesn’t matter whether our lives are back to a frenzied pace or not, the slowness of a summer time meal is soothing to my already hectic soul.

My son is addicted to watermelon and honeydew melon, so trying to incorporate some of his summer favs into dinner is not only easy but it reminds us all of the freedom and the sweetness of summer.

Another favorite is allowing them to sit outside after dinner and grill marshmallows for smores. This also counts as a double win for the husband and I if it is on a school night. While the kiddos may have to rush through dessert, once they are bed can provide some much needed parent time. Insert a few glasses of red wine and its close to a full blown date night.

Last Minute Trips

One of the things I love most about summer is the ability to just get up and go somewhere. Whether it is a trip to the zoo or a local state park for a day of hiking, we are a family who loves to travel. It defines our summer. We experimented with camping for the first time ever this summer and I think we all caught the bug.

Being outside and disconnected from our cellular devices was a freedom I’m not sure I’ve known in a very long time. So we still have digital free nights and do puzzles or play board games. We also pack up the car for a quick day trip either in between or after soccer games.

It doesn’t make summer return any quicker, but it does make the transition back into a routine taste a little ¬†more like freedom.

I’d love to know how you and yours are hanging on to the sweetness of summer. Let me know!

Lindsey Andrews
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