Oreo Dunk Challenge: We Go All In!

Oreo Dunk Challenge: We Go All In!



Oreo cookies are on of those things that are always in our house. They may or not also be something I regularly hide from the kids. How do they always find out my best spots? That’s why the Oreo Dunk Challenge allowed us to share some of our favorite things and the only fight that happened was over who got to dunk first!

Since I set up our challenge on Valentine’s Day, I set up the table with my favorite milk glasses. Since there is not a lot of late night romantic dinners on a school night around here, but the pace of our life has its own sweet ring to it. We adjust and go on.

I gave everyone their own individual glass of milk while we dunked against one another. You cannot put a bag of Oreos on the table and not expect everyone to sneak one or five. :)

Oreo Dunk Challenge

The “rules” of our challenge was simple. How many dunks would it take to achieve you maximum perfect consistentcy before giving in and eating it.

Oreo Dunk Challenge

glass of milk with straw and cookie - oreo dunk challenge

You can tell by our videos that Little Guy just wanted to beat Dad! Dad definitely likes his Oreos soaked before eating them. The rest of us each couldn’t resist after about 3-6 dunks!

Want to get your own dunk on and read more about the challenge: FIND OUT HOW HERE!

You can also check out the Wal-Mart stores in your area to find out which stores are hosting their own in-store Oreo Dunk Challenges and how you can participate. Official rules for the challenge can be found here.

If you decide to enter your own Oreo Dunk Challenge, you can be entered for a chance to win! 40,000 lucky finalists will have a chance to win one (1) of our five (5) VIP Grand Prize trips to a Celebrity Dunking Event in NYC or Los Angeles, plus $2,000! Post daily for more chances to win.

Let me know if you’ve entered the contest and how your family dunks their favorite Oreo cookies.


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