Planning Date Nights Without Hiring A Babysitter

Planning Date Nights Without Hiring A Babysitter



Can anyone else testify to how freaking hard it is planning date nights without hiring a babysitter? We all know that keeping date nights for your relationship is important. Because not only is communication essential to a good marriage, it is always good to get away from the little heathens screaming your name. And I am personally a fan of getting to chew all of my food before having to answer endless questions about issues I have no freaking clue why they ask me about. (Ex. 9 year old wanted to know who stitches the American flag being unfurled across the football field during Monday Night Football. When no one knew the answer, he asked “so how old are you again mom?” Y’all- I just can’t even with that one.)

In another few months, the hubs and I will have been married for 13 years. We will both tell you some days it feels like an eternity and others, we are on the fastest roller coaster ever made. We have always been good about getting out of town together. After 7 years of parenting, we have done a pretty decent job at packing a bag and getting away for a weekend or even just for the night.

couple in front of Pat O'Brien fountain in New Orleans - planning date nights

Our last little weekend adventure was to our favorite city, New Orleans seems like forever ago. With two kids both playing competitive soccer, the outlook for getting out of town together without kids anytime soon is highly unlikely.

So a few weeks ago, we discussed how to spend more time together and incorporating date nights back into our relationship. Since neither of the kids are old enough to be left home alone and leaving them together is just not helpful to their sibling relationship, here are four ways we pulled off planning date nights without hiring a babysitter. And to be honesty, the introvert in me, hates getting dressed up to go out to dinner just to spend some time with my favorite dude.

1.) Put The Date On Your Calendars

It sounds really unromantic to put date nights on a calendar but it works. Knowing what day you are going to spend more time together also creates some fun. We picked a random weeknight and put it on our family desk calendar and the hubs and Is smart phone calendars.


love you more wooden sign on white wooden table - planning date nights

2.) Eat Dinner Separately (And Hide Your Desserts)

September is National honey month. In conjunction with the National Honey Board and entertaining expert, Camille Styles, they sent me a fantastic date night starter kit. With recipes, wine glasses, lights, paper straws and a wonderful “love you more” wooden sign.

We try to eat dinner as a family a lot. But for date nights, it was just not going to work to eat dinner together.

I prepped dinner as normal, made the kids their own plates and hide the hubs & I’s dessert in the back of the fridge. I made a honey orange crush spritzer drink recipe, which includes a squeeze of honey and put them in the fridge before.

Instead of making cupcakes, I bought some earlier that day. Because seriously, who has time to bake something extra. I know what I do well and when someone else does it better. The cupcake place around the corner from us definitely does it better.

Then I set up a cute table in our front living room with cupcakes, our dinner and drinks.

cupcakes and drinks on a white wooden table - planning date nights

3.) Bargain With Your Kids

Luckily our kids are old enough to understand and comprehend schedules. We made them a deal that if they helped with dinner cleanup after soccer practice and watched a movie upstairs, they could have a dessert in their rooms.

They agreed to let us skip bedtime routines and we would let them stay up thirty minutes later than normal. This was a big win with the 9year old because he would rather do ANYTHING else than go to bed on time during the school week.


cupcake and flowers on white table - planning date nights

4.) Take Note On What Worked & Plan It Again

This was such a golden moment and while next time, I would not tell our kids what was going on beforehand, everything else worked like a charm. Planning date nights without hiring a babysitter does take some planning, but it was definitely worth it.

Don’t have time for a full dinner? Buy some cupcakes, make a cocktail (or mocktail if that is your thing), grab some blue cheese and top it with delicious honey. Add some crackers and pretzels and pop in a movie or Netflix series with your boo. Sometimes having relationship goals means just going with what works for you.

Date night never means fancy or standing in line at a restaurant. Often, it is just scheduling time to connect and toast sweet moments that culminate into a beautiful life together.

You can learn more about national honey month and how honey can sweeten some of your life’s golden moments, go here and check it out. 

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Reply September 19, 2017

Date night WITHOUT a babysitter? I can only dream of that. Love the ideas you have shared...I am going to use it and also, I am going to mark it on my calendar. Loved it!

    Lindsey Andrews
    Reply September 19, 2017

    Thanks Mayuri. Marriage is hard and for me, it is so much harder when me and my man don't spend enough face time together.

Marian Mitchell
Reply September 19, 2017

These are some great ideas. My kids are pretty young and won't leave us alone yet but it gives me something to look forward to!

    Lindsey Andrews
    Reply September 19, 2017

    Try moving back their bedtime even by 15-30 minutes to give you a jumpstart to an adult evening! It might work!

Marian Mitchell
Reply September 19, 2017

These are some great ideas! I look forward to my kids getting older for these to be an option.

Amber Myers
Reply September 19, 2017

These are good ideas! My husband and I always try to connect every evening when the kids go to bed. We watch TV or a movie and just hang out! It's important.

    Lindsey Andrews
    Reply September 19, 2017

    Amber-you are so right. I tell my kids ALL. THE. TIME that Daddy and I have to do things just us every once in awhile because we still want to remember how the other one takes their coffee when our kids move out of the house. :)

Lavanda Michelle
Reply September 19, 2017

Date Nights are my favorite. Me and my hubby do it twice a month. I guess with your tips we can do it once a week. I love the idea of barginaing with the kids. I am sharing this with all my friends.

    Lindsey Andrews
    Reply September 19, 2017

    Thanks Lavanda for stopping by! Putting our marriage first is so important and I often feel like it is the first thing to be put on the back burner. I'm glad we started trying new things to make it a priority.

Reply September 19, 2017

It's great that you took advantage of your helpful kids. Of course dessert and TV may have worked here to. I love the hidden dessert idea. Of course cupcakes from anywhere are better then my homemade ones. Congrats. Good luck on your next date night.

Reply September 19, 2017

Life begins after bedtime!
Hide the dessert - that's the best advice.

    Lindsey Andrews
    Reply September 19, 2017

    Always. Not just for date nights! :)

Anne Yedlin
Reply September 19, 2017

I love this idea! Although my youngest is old enough that he would just leave us alone anyway lol This gives me a really good idea of something I can do with my Hubby.

Aishwarya Shenolikar
Reply September 20, 2017

Such a great read! I loved your idea #2 the most!! :)

    Lindsey Andrews
    Reply September 20, 2017

    Thanks so much!

Reply September 20, 2017

So what I needed to read right now! Thank you, needing inspiration. Earlier to bed is a great plan too xx

    Lindsey Andrews
    Reply September 20, 2017

    Thank you for stopping by Emma. Early bedtimes are often a good solution for a lot of different things. ;)

Reply September 20, 2017

This idea seems great for all the couples to have great time without worrying about the babysitter :D.... I would love to share this post with my readers :D

    Lindsey Andrews
    Reply September 20, 2017

    Thank you Kitty! Feel free to share away! Marriage is tough enough and for us, it is even harder when we don't have time one on one!

Reply September 20, 2017

That's great that you make time to spend just the two of you for a few days away from the kids! I can only imagine how nice it feels to get away.

    Lindsey Andrews
    Reply September 20, 2017

    It is one of the best parts of being parents-appreciating them from afar! :)

David Elliott
Reply September 20, 2017

That's such a cool way to celebrate national honey month. And yes there are plenty of amazingly sweet things you can do with your partner. But the biggest one is to spend time engaging with them.

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