Raspberry Mint Lemonade

Raspberry Mint Lemonade

There is not much that beats springtime in Oklahoma. While Fall is almost non-existent and Winter is sketchy, Summer can be miserable, but Spring makes everything worth it. Before the pool water begins to heat up and we are all looking for ways to cool down, I tried to perfect a raspberry mint lemonade recipe.

While I am not yet ready for the kids to be out of school and lounging around the house all day, I am ready for some heat. Planting a garden and making vacation plans are just a part of how I love spending part of my days these days.


5 Lemons

3 Cups water

¼ Cup sugar

½ Cup raspberries

¼ Cup mint leaves

Lemon wedges (for garnish)

glass of lemonade with fresh mint and lemon slice - raspberry mint lemonade


Set aside some mint leaves to use for garnishing.

In a pitcher muddle the raspberries and mint.

Half the lemons and squeeze them, pour the juice into the pitcher.

Add the water and sugar. Mix well until sugar dissolves.

Prepare tall glasses with ice.

Strain the lemonade into the glasses.

Top with the lemon wedge and mint leaves.

Serve and enjoy.

Make It A Cocktail

For the days that you need something a little stronger than straight up lemonade, make this recipe a cocktail. Add 2oz of your favorite rum or vodka at the bottom of the glass before adding ice and lemonade mixture.

Let the kids have their fun and the adults, a small indulgence. Everyone will be happy.

Need some more delicious drink options for the perfect summer drink? Try one of these:

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