Spring Cleaning with Libman Wonder Mop

Spring Cleaning

You know all those things you try to boost your self esteem by telling yourself you are good at? Like I am a rockstar cook, list maker, appointment forgetter and I know how to laugh long and loud. I also know how to admit I there are things I need to work on. One of those things is definitely spring cleaning.

I avoid it for as long as possible. Which is never a positive thing living in Oklahoma. By the beginning of March, a level of red dust settles over everything. As much as I have tried to avoid it, that time has come again to my house. The dreaded spring cleaning must begin now.

orange mop on white wood floor with cleaning supplies - spring cleaning

Then there is the Libman wonder mop. It has a super long handle and easy to saturate with water and the draining piece allows you to twist out the excess water with no problems. I will not tell you that it has made spring cleaning fun, but it has made it easier. Let’s face it- sometimes fun and easy are synonymous.

Now you can get a $3 off coupon for your own spring cleaning wonder machine. It is currently the best selling mop in America. I know now why. You can get that coupon by clicking here.

Libman’s is also conducting a great giveaway where you could win one of five prize packs filled with all of spring cleaning tools you will need. One lucky person will also have the opportunity to win $500! Go here for your chance to win the Libman Spring Sweeps Pinterest Challenge!

What is your favorite way to tackle all the messes in your house? If you have any amazing cleaning secrets, please drop me a comment and share your knowledge. Help a sister out, because while I may have mopping down, the laundry is still kicking my butt.

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Jess@Fairday's Blog
Reply March 10, 2017

My comment was deleted, so I will try again!

I like to tackle my cleaning room by room. That makes it easier for me and then I feel accomplished. After the whole downstairs is cleaned- I mop and vacuum. I need to make a spring cleaning list this year. Thanks for sharing!

    Lindsey Andrews
    Reply March 13, 2017

    Jess-that is such a good tip! Do you make a spring cleaning list every year? I never have and I wonder if it will be helpful.

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