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All the Holidays inch ever closer, so does the stress surrounding traditions, recipes and memories from the past. This often induces more stress in us than our ancestors would have ever wanted to instill in us. Making Grandma June’s cranberry sauce will not destroy your holiday meal.  Here is a post I wrote to my niece […]
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Letters to Lexi: “Bad” Life Choices Lexi, You have a sibling, so rivalry is something in which you are closely intimated. My younger brother, sister and I shared in our brand of “I can do this better than you.” For my brother, it was relentlessly teasing his older sisters for our adherence to rules and […]
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Letters to Lexi: About Traditions   My darling Lexi, All families have certain things they have done for generations. Some are silly. Some are passed from one family member to another as a rite of traditional passing of the torch. While some are beautiful and may have deep meaning, there are many that have continued […]
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