Tips For A Productive Writing Day

5 Tips For A Productive Writing Day

While everyone is thrilled about it being fall, there is something else coming up that I wait all year for. Unless you are a writer, you might not even know that November is National Write A Novel In  A Month, or otherwise known as NaNoWriMo.

So in order to make sure I can actually finish tens of thousands of words in thirty days, I needed to make myself a list of how to have a productive writing day.

Set The Date

Whether you are wanting t0 write lots of words, craft an outline or just several blog posts, you will never write if you don’t sit down and put the words on paper. For me, writing down on my schedule every week several blocks of time on my schedule help keep me on track.

I put the date on my desk calendar and my online calendar and here is the trick-guard those days/hours/moments with my life. Unless it is an emergency, I do not change my schedule for any thing once the dates are set. Being consistent and requiring myself to show up and do the work is the best form of commitment.

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Turn Off Notifications

Turning off notifications has been the most liberating, creative inducing activity I have ever done. I am loving the silence so much, the only time my phone makes a sound is if I am receiving an actual phone call. In order for the most distraction free writing day, go to your cell phone settings and click off the notifications for all of your various applications.

You can always change them back to dinging to your hearts content after you are done writing for the day.

Set The Stage

Make sure wherever you choose to write is free of distractions and is clean. I have to have a set of my favorite pens on hand and my flowered tea cup close by.

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Know Your Limits

After a year of writing as a full time job, there are a few things I have learned about myself and my creative flow. I have learned I am better with an outline for the day and if I have a target word count, I tend to get the words out faster.

I also cannot focus inside my house if there is a ton of housework to be done. Working from home is a dream come true, but if the house is destroyed, I focus better at a local coffee shop or library. I also schedule regular fifteen minute breaks to get up and walk around, stretch and refocus.

Plan Your Meals/Snacks In Advance

I am terrible about being at home and then debating with myself about what to make for breakfast/lunch/dinner during my writing days. When I have no idea what to make, I get bored and I let my mind wander, which often leads to searching on Pinterest for meal planning ideas. Of course, this also compounds into wasted time and less words written.

The best way I have found to confront this is to put snacks and quick meals on my desk and in my purse for days I leave the house. My favorite is the Calm blend which is Banana, Pumpkin, Coconut, Blackberry, Vanilla, Passion Flower and Chia.

This on-the-go nutrition is vegan and perfectly blended for an amazing snack option that you can feel good about and will help start your day off right or get you through a mid-afternoon slump.

shine organics snacks - writing day

Right now, Shine Organics is offering a $1.00 off coupon for a four pack at your local Target. You can find all the blends of Shine Organics in the applesauce aisle.

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Alejandra Avila
Reply October 3, 2017

I also struggled with figuring out something easy and healthy to eat on my busy days. shine organics deff saved the day! lol

    Lindsey Andrews
    Reply October 5, 2017

    Love it! Even the hubs is now taking them for lunch!

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