Ultimate Instagram Hashtags For January

Ultimate Instagram Hashtags For January

So now that it is the New Year, you’ve probably set or at least been thinking about your social media goals for this next year. Several Facebook groups I’m in have been specially pondering how to increase social media engagement on Instagram.

Last year, I saw my Instagram grow over 1000%! Not only was it is exciting, but I was able to finally work with some of my favorite brands and make some money doing something I was doing for fun anyway. I’ve been fortunate to work with amazing people and brands like Shari’s Berries several times.

Imagine having a box of your favorite chocolate delivered to your house for free just because they reached out to you and liked your Instagram feed!

Instagram Hashtags

My collaboration with Shari’s Berries for New Year’s Eve

Probably the biggest contributing factor to anyone’s Instagram success is consistency and hashtags! You probably have seen all of the varying hashtags and may be wondering what do they mean and how can they help your Instagram reach.

Hashtags are more than just an Saturday Night Live skit with Justin Timberlake. They are specific ways that people engaging in social media are connecting with one another and looking for what interests them.

There are lists upon lists upon even more lists about what hashtags to use and why. You only get 20 hashtags in your post, so choosing what to add is important.

The best method I’ve seen work for my own Instagram profile has been to choose a variation of hashtags. Add at least 2-5 hashtags that are specific to what your picture or event is about. Then you need 2-3 hashtags detailing where you are geographically. Choose only 1-2 that are at the top of what people are searching on IG. It is better to be the top of a smaller hashtag category than to be lost among the millions of accounts using generic hashtags. Customize the remainder of your hashtags by what your niche/blog/brand is about.

To help, I’ve come up with the ultimate Instagram Hashtags for January. I’ve broken in up into days and given over 100 January holiday and events specific to help you up your Instagram game the first month of the New Year.

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Wishing you and yours the very best that 2017 has to offer.

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