3 Awesome Indoor Games For Kids

3 Awesome Indoor Games For Kids

For some reason, Oklahoma cannot make up its mind this year. One minute it is sunny and 75 degrees and the next minute, it is close to freezing and wet. We are not the best indoors family, so the last few weeks have been hellacious on what to do as a family cooped up inside.

After several tries, we have finally decided on 3 awesome indoor games for kids and for parents. We are not the kind of family that can just play Monopoly or a card game. Why? Because it is impossible for us not to get competitive. Games have to be fun and fast paced.

There are five years between our children’s ages and that can be a struggle. These three games make family game night fun for everyone. Adding a bonus snack is always a plus and we love the rainbow Goldfish crackers. They now come in individual packages, which means no one has to share!


Have you ever played wahoo? This marble game was so much fun growing up that it is part of my childhood. My grandmother had her own board and specialized die that us grandkids swore she used to cheat us. The marbles are moved around the board based upon the roll of one’s individual die.

There are few special moves which can land a player into the middle of the board. It is hard to do, so when we play, every time a 6 or a 1 is rolled, a cracker is placed in a bowl. When a player finally makes it to the middle of the board, the entire stash is given to the winner.

board game with colored marbles and dice - awesome indoor games

Wahoo board game



We discovered Tenzi on a trip to the beach several years ago. Tenzi is a dice game that involves for sets of varying colored dies. There are countless ways to play and up to four players can play at one time. Every variation of the game is fast paced and fun. You basically pick your game of choice and drop the dice and go!

colored dice and crackers - awesome indoor games

Go Fish

When there is literally no more counting, marbles or dice rolling we can handle, we return to a classic childhood card game. Go fish is one of our family favorite ways to spend time together indoors. Usually the rules become blurred and cheating is rampant and yet it makes it fun.

hand of cards on a table with crackers - awesome indoor games

How do you and your family spend time together? GoldFish has some amazing suggestions on their Pinterest page that you can check out here. There are also some great family fun ideas on their YouTube channel, so get inspired to spend some time with some of your favorite people.

Do you have an awesome indoor game for kids? Let me know in the comments.


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