WCW Interview-Mary Carver

WCW Interview with Mary Carver
Thanks for joining us for WCW here on the blog. Each Wednesday, we try to highlight a woman who is doing something awesome on the web. Mary Carver is a writer and speaker who has stopped by to talk about her new book, Choosing Joy. Enjoy my interview with Mary Carver.
Tell us a little about yourself? Hello! :) I am a writer and speaker, talking most often to women about giving up on perfectionism and embracing our real lives. My husband and I have been married for almost 17 years, and we have two girls – an 8-year-old and a 2-year-old. We live in Kansas City, where we’re active in our church, fairly close (geographically) to our families, and always searching for the best BBQ restaurant.

Mary and Sara
Your new book is called Choose Joy, in what way are you choosing joy in your everyday life? Choosing joy does not always come naturally to me, so I am so grateful for the inspiration I’ve received from Sara. My friendship with her and the encouragement her words still give me teach me to look at the big picture in life. I try now to remember that the hard challenges of today are just one tiny part of a bigger story that God is writing for me and for the world. And not only that, but in the midst of challenging times, God gives us blessings and gifts that can and will bring us joy if we simply seek them and them receive them.

Is there a verse or a saying you speak over yourself when joy and peace seem unattainable? When I am struggling to find peace, I will hear the whisper in my soul to, “Be still and know that He is God.” And what has stuck with me, after being knee-deep in Sara’s words and wisdom for two years, is her definition of joy as the beauty she finds because of her circumstances, not despite them. BECAUSE of the hard times, Sara found joy – and if she could do it, then I believe I can, too.

Mary Carver
Tea? Coffee? Or Neither? I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t like coffee, but I love iced tea. Lately my favorite has been unsweetened mango tea.

What is your self-defined “happy place”? I’m a freelance editor, and I love all things grammar, spelling and style. So my happy place is curled up with a red pen and a dictionary or stylebook as I pore over a manuscript that needs my help. :) (Libraries and bookstores, anywhere my girls are giggling, and a restaurant booth where I can share queso and conversation with my husband are also my very favorite places to be.)
What did no one tell you about womanhood that you wish they would have? One thing I am beginning to understand, now that I’m in my late thirties, is that I might never feel grown-up. Sure, I do a lot of “adult” things: I pay bills, I parent my children, I make dentist appointments, I file my taxes. But in my heart, I am still the same girl I was at 14 or 15 years old, with the same longings and insecurities and dreams and quirks. Yes, we change and we grow and we find shiny silver hairs sticking out of our scalps. But it seems to me that part of us never really FEELS grown up.
Choose Joy
Here are all the places you can find Mary on the web:

Co-author: Choose Joy: Finding Hope & Purpose When Life Hurts
Personal Blog:  Giving Up on Perfect
Columnist: (in)courage
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