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I’m  thrilled to have singer/songwriter/author Gwen Smith stop by today to talk about her new book, I Want It All. I was honored to be chosen to be a member of Gwen’s book launch team, so I got to read the book early! Here’s my interview with Gwen:

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Happy to! Here are a few fast facts bullet style:

  •  My family is my jam. I’m married to my college honey, Brad, since 1993. I’m mom to three cool teens who keep Brad and I on our toes and on our knees. Also mom to three dogs. {Yeah. The Smith house is in crazytown.}
  • I’m tall {5’11”} and I love volleyball. Played in college {Kent State}. Assistant coach my daughter’s high school team.
  • Grew up just outside of Pittsburgh, PA {huge STEELERS fan} and now call Charlotte, NC home.
  • Love to cook, not as into baking. {But go ahead and make me some yummy brownies. I won’t send them away.}
  • My faith is messy. Not even close to perfect. {Not a pretender.} I believe with all my heart that God’s grace is enough and that it sets me free from the shame that would haunt me without forgiveness.
  • Laundry is never done in my house. Well… it gets washed. Putting it away is my weakness.
  • Potato chips whisper to me from my pantry. They tell me that we are friends. They lie… and theirs is a lie I believe far too often. #chipsaremycryptonite

How do you express yourself creatively?

That’s easy: music and writing… and also through fashion {not afraid to be different and take risks… have you seen my hair?} … and I dabble in graphic design of sorts. {LOVE to make creative pins that connect Biblical truth and inspiration to a fabulous backdrop or photo. Think Pinterest for Jesus. I’m there. My Facebook page is evidence.}

How do you carve out time to be creative while still balancing work?

One of my biggest struggles! I don’t always strike an awesome balance, but one thing I strive to do is love my people well. And we go to Chick Fil A and Moe’s as needed.

Your new book is titled I Want It All, do you believe the Christian life calls us to Want It All?

The truth is Jesus did not don a suit of skin and endure a splintered cross for you and I to live an average, comfortable, boring, unproductive life.   He surrendered everything so we could gain everything. And He calls us to do the same on His behalf—to surrender everything. In doing so we gain everything—His grace for each failure, His love that shatters hate, His peace that soothes the turmoil, His comfort, guidance, wisdom, joy, rest, courage, power, significance, and influence.  My book is an invitation to go after ALL the Christian life has to offer—to set down what is painful and choose Jesus. Seek to know his love, seek to know his ways, and open-wide your heart to experience all that he has to give.

Gwen Smith


Is there a verse or a song you repeat or sing when life feels overwhelming?

My comfort song is that classic hymn, IT IS WELL. I often play and sing it during my conferences or concerts. I lost my dad to his battle with cancer in late December and my mom asked if I would sing it at the funeral. I resisted, but gave in when she said that he would want me to. I got through verse one. Then cried the rest of the song and squeeked out a few words between tears. It’s raw. It’s honest. It’s complicated. It’s filled with hope. Such a picture of life and faith.

What did no one tell you about being a woman you wish they would have? I guess I felt encouraged to achieve on small scales growing up, but I don’t remember being told to dream big dreams when it comes to what you can do with and for the LORD in His power. Most of us, myself included, fall into a flat faith that is runs auto-pilot. We love Jesus and want our faith to grow and our lives to matter for eternal things, but we end up tossed around by busy schedules, kids that talk back, complicated relationships, negative self-talk, stressful jobs, disappointments and maxed-out emotions. I wish I would’ve been told: Yes. Being a woman is tricky – especially a woman committed to serving God and putting Him first – but the rewards are amazing when you believe the truth of God’s Word, apply the principles to your life, surrender to God’s BEST for you {which is His will} and embrace His promises and provision.


Have a great rest of the week and do yourself a favor and pickup Gwen’s new book. Clicking the link below will take you directly to amazon. You can also check Gwen Smith out more online at and on Facebook here. Thanks again Gwen for stopping by!

Hugs and Love Today Y’all!


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