Why I’m Not Making Instagram’s Changes

Why I’m Not Making Instagram’s New Changes & Why You Shouldn’t Either

So What’s The Problem?

For the past several weeks, social media has been abuzz with the new changes to Instagram. Previously, Instagram had remained almost untouched by the algorithms and sponsored posts that have plagued other social media outlets such as Facebook and most recently, Twitter. However, it should have been no surprise that once Facebook purchased Instagram, new changes were quickly to follow.

The most notable of these changes is the “turn on notifications” feature. Your IG feed was probably flooded with requests to turn on such a feature. By doing so, each time a new post occurs from an account you follow and your notifications are “on” for that particular account, an alert is sent to your phone. Every. Single. Time for Every. Single. Account. That’s several thousand alerts a day. I doubt my sanity and focus can handle such distractions.

Now if you and I are anything alike, your phone already dings, rings, buzzes and beeps about thirty to a hundred times during a work day. Currently, I follow a very hefty number of accounts on IG. My feed is full of everything from business accounts of creative business accounts to some of pics of cute baby turtles @turtle .

                                                                             Reposted from @turtle IG account. Who would care where this shows up in their feed? So cute!

Instagram has also been extremely unclear about their own changes. Apparently, their intention is place posts that you are most interested in at the top of your feed. How Instagram purports to know such information about me is just bizarre. The pure joy of IG in the past has been that accounts have posted in real time, not like the jumbled mess of Facebook, where posts from hours and days ago randomly appear in your feed.

As a full time attorney and part time writer, other social media accounts are where I talk “shop”. Instagram has primarily where I post pics of my dog, kids and daily encouragement for my close friends and fan followers. Due to this laid back approach for my IG account, I’m not asking any of my almost 1,000 to turn on my notifications. I believe we will engage one another constantly, whether I’m first in their feed or 30th.

So What To Do?

Social media is always changing. Just about the time we praise Pinterest for having no ads, they add them. The truth is businesses, creatives and account users, like your grandma, alike need to be in the know but not make every change now. Do what works for you. If being notified every time Taylor Swift posts pics of her cat makes you smile, turn on her notifications. If you’re a business owner building a platform on IG, asking all of your followers to be notified of your every post may be a bit extreme.

The point is to be social. Follow the accounts and people you love and engage them. Just like you always do. This will not be the last change Instagram or any other social media account makes. I believe your phone ringer, your brain focus and eventually your account followers will thank you.

Lindsey Andrews is an writer, family law attorney and adoptive mother who encourages people to live a legacy of love. Sign up for her newsletter here. Or follow her on Twitter @ethiopiabound

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