5 Ways To Make Travel A Priority Now

5 Ways To Make Travel A Priority Now

It’s no wonder a majority of folks love to travel. Looking at Instagram feeds, Pinterest boards and magazines, traveling is all around us. We are eaten up with the bug that bids us to pack a bag. So how do you make traveling a priority now, instead of waiting for the kids to leave the house or the bills to suddenly disappear? Here are 5 steps to get you globe hopping (or State hopping, depending on where you live) now:


  1. Make a list. Saying you want to day travel to Italy one day is like saying you hope to win the lottery. Be intentional with your list. What is it about Italy that you want to do? Walk the Spanish Steps? Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain? Writing and keeping a list visible continues to motivate you even when you are plowing away at work in your cubicle in the middle of a February snow storm.
  2. Budget for it. You cannot become serious about something unless you are willing to put money, time and effort towards it. Setting aside a specific space in your budget for traveling not only shows yourself you are working towards a goal, but it also saving towards it too. Say you have no flexible income? Try taking another look at your monthly budget. We minimize eating out and rarely go to the movies or other “extras” each month. I also pack our kids’ lunches for school and I take a lot of my lunches to the office as well. Also, the change jar, the four of us throw change into every day, get taken to the bank once a year and added to our travel budget. There is always at least $100-$120 in there!travel
  3. Set a date. Whether it is two months or three years or even two decades away, set a date. Having a deadline for your travel destination. It will keep you motivated when you are bogged down at the office or at home and it will help keep you on track with your budget
  4.  Start small. Perhaps Italy is a longtime off for your travel plans. What about a weekend getaway to Little Italy in NYC? Or a few days of a trip hiking the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Grab your GPS and type in what is 2, 5, and 8 hours away from your current location. Then look up what is new or cool to do in the area. travel
  5. Pack a bag. This one in particular drives my husband crazy because I keep a bag half packed of all my favorite travel necessities in my closet. While there is not an opportunity to grab it and head out the door now that we have kids, a half-packed bag is a symbol of opportunity for me. I see it as a promise to myself that I will always travel because my heart was forever made to wonder.


I’m curious. What ways do you make travel a priority? If not, why not? Also, where are some of your favorite places you’ve been and where are you drooling to go? Have any good travel tips or how to budget for traveling? Come share them with me on Twitter @ethiopiabound


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