Best of The Web This Week

There has been a lot of great stuff hit the web this last week. Whether it was a true life look at a woman’s regular morning routine or the funniest memes, the internet this week was great for me. Even with the tragic death of Prince, the joy and love spilled out all over the world was beautiful to see.

Here are some of my favorites of what I found on the web this week:

1.) This was by far my favorite thing on the internet. I watched this last Sunday getting ready for another insane work week and I could not stop laughing. My Facebook page exploded when I posted it because you all loved it too. And how could anyone not laugh at a crow pose.

2. Super Rad Adoption Tees

My friend Amber turned me on to this one. I love a good t-shirt. In fact, if I didn’t have an office job, tees might be my go to wardrobe apparel choice every day. These beauties are possessed with double awesomeness because they are inspired from Narnia (C.S. Lewis) and are a fundraiser to bring home a cutie from the Congo. They have several different kids sizes, baseball tees and tanks. You can check them out and order them here.


3. Best Blog Post I Read. This one too needs to be credited to my friend Amber. She posted this and I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean, who doesn’t need a guide to what wine pairs best with your child’s fit? You can read it here.

4. Prince. So much music and beauty released into the world, even in his passing. I’ll admit, I cried big, long, loud tears when I found out he had passed. Like many, many others, his music was some of the soundtrack to a piece of my life. There was a great post about what he brought to the entire world by being himself. You can read that by John Pavlovitz here.

This video of his hometown fans having a dance party in the streets brought me to tears.

What was your favorite moment on the web this week? Was it any of the ones here or did you come across something else spectacular? Have a restful Sunday y’all.


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