5 Must Haves Before Your 1st Camping Trip

5 Things You Need Before Your First Camping Trip

Growing up, my family was not the outdoorsy type. I remember asking my dad why we never went camping. He laughed and said “Sister, your mom’s idea of ‘roughing it’ is taking a Jeep with the top down 50 miles to the closest Holiday Inn.” I let it go.


For whatever reason, I know share a house with three people who are chomping at the bit to camp out in a tent. While the French Bulldog and I would rather cuddle on a pool chair, I’m getting out voted in the next few weekends. The kids and the husband have informed that camping is going to be in my destiny.


This is where I remind myself that having kids is supposed to be an adventure. Apparently, they all forget that summer temperatures in Oklahoma rival that of the surface of the sun. What an adventure this will be. So before we embark on our first over night adventure outdoors, there is a list of things we are supposed to have. After a lot of intensive research, aka, time spent on Pinterest boards, here are the five things you need before your first camping trip.


  • An agreeable tent. This was actually the second biggest fight in planning our entire adventure. I had some very explicit requirements for a tent. Like, it had to be a pretty color. I know, this is not an imperative item, but who wants to sleep outside in a And since my request for a vintage, redesigned RV was denied, I was determined to win on this one.

It also had to have a divider between me and the kids. Again, most people don’t care, but as I am being forced against my will, I want to be able to zip away the faces of my captors during certain times on our adventure.

I need it to be something like this:


alt="camping "

Enough room for all of us and yet separate spaces when we needed a break.

  • A planned menu. While I am fully aware no one has actually starved to death on an overnight camping adventure (not that I can find on the internet anyways), I definitely did not want to spend the entire weekend eating hot dogs or pillaging through an ice chest for snacks. I’ve started a new Pinterest board for all things camping and my favorite things to look up is what to eat when you in the middle of the woods.




  • Backpacks for the kids. I did not want to lug suitcases and nonsense we are not going to use. So, I got each of the kids their own backpacks and made up their own checklist of what to pack. If it didn’t fit in their pack, it doesn’t go with us. Of course, this is not inclusive of fishing poles, bikes and any other items Dad and I will be lucky enough to load into the car.
  • A good list of all the little things you’ll need. I never did well when my kids were small knowing what to pack. Although we avoided the diapers and the potty training, the amount of crap two kids need for even a simple car trip. Since I don’t like to repeat mistakes, I wanted a list of all the little things. Here’s one of my favorites.


So let me know…what are some of your “must have’s” before you sleep outside with those you love?

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