A Black Friday I Can Be Excited About

I didn’t expect to hear from my book printer for the next two weeks.
I just opened my inbox from my printer saying they had finished the first 500 books.
He wanted to know if it was okay to go ahead and ship them to me?
So here you go.
The first peeps to see the cover of the kid’s book that took me almost three years to complete.

Isn’t my illustrator amazing?

I think so too.
So here is where I start begging you to buy the book.
I only had 1000 copies printed.
Because selling 1000 copies will pay for a water well to be built in our sponsorship son’s honor.
And to be really honest with you, I didn’t have enough faith or garage space to house any more books.
The book won’t be available on Amazon or another online outlet.
Just here.
And a few in-person places in Oklahoma City.
My sights are really just set on this first printing.
If God has further plans for this simple children’s story, then He will handle the details.
You may order at the button on the side of the blog.
If you are local, I will hand deliver your book to you.
Will love and tons of kisses.
Thank you so much for being on this journey with me.
If you’ve read here longer than two blog posts, you’ll know my family’s passion and love for Ethiopia and our desire to see the people of the world educated about clean water.
Can’t buy a book?
No problem! Please help Tweet, Facebook and blog about this opportunity.
Thanks Again,
I couldn’t do this without you.
And I wouldn’t have written this story if it weren’t for him.
Lindsey Andrews
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