Advent Sock Calendar For Kids

Advent Sock Calendar For Kids

What is the one thing that you hated getting every year for Christmas when you were a kid? For me it was socks and underwear. Now as a mom, I found myself buying copious amounts of socks last week because with a teen and pre-teen in the house, they both need them. My first thought was: I will just wrap them up and give them for Christmas. But that sounded lame, so I came up with a quick Advent Sock Calendar to make receiving socks a little more fun this year.

I do not consider myself a do it yourself girl or even a crafty person. When I tell you I can do this super fast, I mean that anyone, including my french bulldog could figure it out. This Advent Sock Calendar would even be a cute crafty idea for the kids to help you with if they needed a dirty santa or white elephant gift for school. Instead of using a hot glue gun, choose a cool glue gun option if you are brave enough to let your kids help with that part.

So forget the 12 days of Christmas, instead, bring on the 12 days of Sockmas!


What you will need:

3-4 cardboard inserts from rolls of wrapping paper. If you plan ahead, you can use toilet paper roll inserts.

Measuring tape.



Green spray paint.

Craft paper for star and covers of ends of cardboard tubes.

12 pair of socks.


Measure cardboard inserts in six inch increments. Cut into twelve individual six inch tubes.

Create a base of four cardboard cutouts. Glue together.

For an additional layer, glue three cardboard tubes together, then attach to the bottom layer.

The next two layers will have two cardboard tubes together and then stacked on top of one another.

The final tube garnishes the top of the Christmas tree design.

Spray the outside of the tubes with green spray paint and allow to dry.

Once the tree is dry, roll each pair of socks into a single roll and stuff each cardboard tube with a pair of socks.

Cut 12 circles out of Christmas paper to cover the end of the tubes and glue at the ends.

Add a paper or cardboard star to top off your “tree”.

Sit the tree on the table where your kids are sure to want to change their socks every day! And get ready to giggle at how much joy can be given by giving socks this holiday season!

Pro Tip: If you have more than one kid in your house, consider cutting the tubes longer, which will require more wrapping paper, but you could place the socks inside in order of birth, depending on how many kiddos you have.

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