Baked King Cake Donuts

Baked King Cake Donuts *

Getting ready for your own Mardi Gras party? Get it kicked off with this baked King Cake Donuts recipe and let me know how it goes.

You guys know that I am all about a trip to New Orleans. The hubs and I try to go at least once a year. We also head to New Orleans with kids from time to time too. I love everything about the city, the culture and the historical value this particular city adds to our country. But I do have a secret..there are two times a year that I never want to be there.

New Year’s Eve and Mardi Gras are the two biggest celebrations that happen in New Orleans every year. While debauchery, fun and beads are everywhere, I am WAY too much of an introvert to be in the midst of that many people. Huge drunken crowds are better viewed above on a balcony or the the comfort of home, watching on TV.

As both of these holidays provide huge economic boost to the City, by all means, pack your bags and go. Just do not get drunk and destroy a piece of my favorite city. Make sure to take lots of pictures and post them on Instagram so I can see them.

In order to celebrate in our own way, I came up with my own Mardi Gras recipe: Baked King Cake Donuts!


purple and green sprinkled donuts - king cake donuts

If you are not familiar with King Cake, let me tell you it is its own version of Creole cooking decadence. While King Cake is not exclusive to New Orleans, it makes its appearance quite regularly around Carnival. It is such a central part of celebrating in the City that eating King Cake other than during Carnival season is believed to cause rain on the day of the Mardi Gras Day parade.

Usually a small plastic baby Jesus is hidden inside the cake. Whoever cuts the cake and their piece holds the baby Jesus, is considered to be a sign of good luck.

King Cake is not as sweet as you might believe and a large amount of cinnamon is used. I replicated that in this recipe and I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone in my house is a sweet fanatic, but I like a little more savory in my life. This King Cake Donuts recipe is the perfect blend of both. The icing is super sweet and the sprinkles add a wonderful element,but the cake of the donut is dense and all around lovely on its own.

Ingredients for the King Cake Donuts:

8oz. plain yogurt

1/3 cup of sugar or sugar substitute

1/4 cup butter substitute (melted)

1tsp. salt

1tsp. baking powder

1 egg

3 cups of all purpose flour

1tsp vanilla

1 tb. cinnamon (I know this seems like a lot, but trust it.)

1/2 cup of milk


Preheat the oven to 350.

Add everything to a large bowl and beat until mixed. Do not over stir, as this batter will be very thick.

Heavily spray a donut pan with cooking spray. Do not skip this step or the donuts will never come out of the pan.

Carefully spoon the mixture into the donut pan and bake for 15-20minutes, until the donuts are a golden brown.

Remove from the donut pan and allow to cool on a wire rack.

Ingredients for the Frosting:

1 cup powdered sugar, sifted

4-5 tbs. cream

Sprinkles and food coloring

Be sure to sift the powdered sugar to avoid lumps. Add enough cream to create a thick liquid. Once the donuts are completely cooled, dunk the donuts into the frosting.

Decorate with all of the purple, green and gold sprinkles your heart desires. Eat immediately. If you are having your own Mardi Gras party, make the donuts ahead of time and store for no longer than two days before adding the frosting.

                     Mardi Gras Cellophane Bags

These are just too fun for words! I ordered them not only for our own Mardi Gras                                               celebration, but for a possible Mardi Gras themed pool party this summer!

Are you and yours celebrating Mardi Gras this year? Do you have any fun traditions you follow?

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