Being A Boy Mom


Being A Boy Mom

There is a list of things I was not prepared for when it came to being a boy mom. This 9year old of mine simultaneously does not want me around, but he wants to be filmed doing something ALL. OF. THE. TIME.

When we are in public, he refuses all forms of affection, discussions of affection or signals that affection may be coming.  For instance, last night at soccer practice, I said “hey, just so you know, I love you.” He promptly replied “Mom. Ew.”

And yet, we secretly are obsessed with one another. He says “Mom” at least 75 times a day and it is always I equate it to the 9year old equivalent of “hey, hold my beer.”

“Hey mom, look what I did to the dog.”

french bulldog in sunglasses - being a boy mom

“Hey mom, can you take a pic of me jumping off the diving board?”

boy jumping into a swimming pool - being a boy mom

“Mom…I’m going to jump again. Can you take another picture?”

boy jumping off a diving board - being a boy mom

“Mom…can I have a snack?”

“Mom, can you tuck me in?”

“Hey mom, I’ve lost my cleats.”

“MOOOOOOM…where are my soccer shorts?”

Snacks For The Win

Sometimes the list of things that being a boy mom is exhausting and more than twice a day, he reminds me of all the things I screw up. But a few weeks ago, I bought a new snack for the days when we are out by the pool and we don’t want to stop and go in.

I stocked up at Walmart because we had a lot of poolside play dates to celebrate the last week of summer. As little dude was downing his 1st Danimal, he looks at me and says

“Wow Mom. Good job on the snacks!”

danimals beside a pool - being a boy mom

Please believe me that I counted that as a Mom Win and tucked it away into the corner of my heart where I store all of the things like that he says to me. I never know when the next such event will come.

I think that is where being a boy mom is tricky. There are so few times when these little men we are raising stop and sound appreciative and that can be hard for us mamas to hear. But then there are days of the smallest things, like buying a favorite snack that gets noticed and you get credited for it.

I am glad that God gave me both a daughter and a son. Watching each of them develop in entirely in their own unique, separate ways is one of the highlights of being a parent. It can also be one of the biggest struggles, because I am always having to change up how I respond to him, instead of his sister. It is what makes him who he is and while we sometimes struggle to figure it out, the beauty of adoption is the commitment we have to figure out.

boy in a hat and sunglasses floating in a pool - being a boy mom

Yup, being a boy mom definitely keeps me on my toes. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I mean, look at this kid. Who wouldn’t consider themselves lucky to be his personal driver, chef, housekeeper, social calendar coordinator and Co-President of his very own fan club?

You can learn more about how #DanimalsDoesSummer here and leave me a comment and tell me your favorite way being a boy mom surprised you.

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