How do you tell a Dinosaur “Happy Birthday”?

How do you tell a Dinosaur “Happy Birthday”?
Two years of us together and I’m still not sure.
It’s official now.
You’ve been with us as long as you were away from us.
That’s milestones in the adoption world.
And yet, it seems as though I’ve known you my whole life.
Maybe you’ve always been there,
the wild spirit in my heart I could never really explain.
You roar when a whisper is necessary and you stomp when walking would get the job done.
There is nothing that scares you, except the neighborhood cat.
And in the middle of creating your own wake, you some times stop just
to tell me you love me.

I knew the first time we met in Ethiopia, that you were going to blaze through life.
I knew it was going to be hard, then beautiful, then hard again,
but in the end, I was going to give you everything you asked for in life and more.
You only had to say one word: Mommy.
So son, you blaze right through this world and burn your own path with your Dinosaur roar.
I will try to remember my patience and I’ll bring along my good belly laughs,
because we’re going to need them both.
I have no idea why God thought I was good enough to be your mommy.
There are so many days that I doubt Him.
But I love you with a passion that cannot die and a commitment that will never end.
I’m already your biggest fan and you’ve only just begun.
Four years old sounds so small, until I look at how tall you’ve already grown.
How do you say “Happy Birthday” to a Dinosaur?
You hold him if you can catch him.
You kiss his face if he’ll let you.
And you cherish every moment.
Because one day, that Dino will be full grown.
And it’s happening, right this minute.
Happy #4 Baby Boy.
Lindsey Andrews
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