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Teachers And School Shootings Meet my friend James. James is married to one of my best friends and favorite people in life. Don’t you just love it when one of your soul sisters is loved well and whole? I do too. And James is perfect for Krystle. They have been together almost all of their […]
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What The World Really Needs Every February 14 I have never understood the reasoning behind Valentine’s Day. Like almost every other event in our humanity, there are expectations-many of them unfulfilled every middle of February. I have girlfriends whose spouses are expected to provide all the trimmings: dinner, candy, perfume and flowers. Lots of men […]
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When I Know I Have Failed Parenting My Kids Being raised Southern Baptist, sexuality was a linear line. Boys went with girls. Girls were made for boys and there was never a question about finding the same sex attractive. And forget about the question of LGBTQ rights to marriage, as in no one I knew […]
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  As the end of the year approaches, so does the end of my calendar. I have used a paper calendar for all of my career, both as a lawyer and as a freelancer/writer. I bought a new one a few weeks ago and I love it, but I find myself continuing to need the […]
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  • November 13, 2017
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