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Being an adult and asking for gifts whether it is your birthday or the Christmas season can seem a little odd. But there are so many books that I recommend to people throughout the year, that I thought creating a blog post about them in one place would save me some words in my daily life. So if there is an avid reader on your list, here is my book buying gift guide for anytime of year.


Braving The Wilderness by: Brene Brown

I listened to this book on audio book and I have several chapters on repeat throughout the week. If you have ever wondered what it means to be all alone and yet crave real belonging, then this book is for you. Brene Brown always delivers, but I feel as though this is the book she was meant to write. I laughed out loud and I cried myself to sleep one night. It was just that profound in my life. This book is all over Amazon and you can get it here.

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Ordinary People Change The World By: Brad Meltzer

I do not care what age you are, because Brad Meltzer’s children’s book series will rock your heart. From books ranging from I am Gandhi to I am Amelia Earhart, these books are a must read for any age range on your shopping list.
There is also a collection of these books on sale right now, so make sure to snag these inspirational reads for how anyone can save the world.

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Still Waiting: Hope For When God Doesn’t Give You What You Want By: Ann Swindell

I feel as though most of my faith journey has been asking for things that God did not provide. Whether it was for my husband and I’s infertility or the healing for my own father, waiting is the hardest part of faith-until God says no. This book is a beacon of joy for those of us who are standing in the midst of our lives thinking “does God even hear me anymore.”

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Long Days of Small Things: Motherhood As a Spiritual Discipline by Catherine McNiel

There are books you read and then there are books you need. Catherine McNiel’s newest book was one that I needed. I often forget that motherhood is a craft you have to learn and work at it. If any new or seasoned mother on your Christmas gift list, this book needs to top the list.

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A Bigger Table By: John Pavlovitz

I had the pure honor of being on the launch team for John Pavlovitz’s first book. This just meant that I got to read the book before most of the rest of the world. If the reader in your life feels out of place in the current political climate because it conflicts with the status of their hearts, this is the best conversational starter on the market today. Whether you are looking for a small group study or read to devour in an afternoon, you’re welcome!


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The Father Effect By: John Finch

I have to tell you up front, I am partial to this book. John Finch is a writer, film maker and advocate for fathers al around the world. As the founder of the website,, John is a voice for those who are dads or who have been hurt by their dads. I have written for John’s website multiple times in the last few years and could not be more excited to have his first book on my mantle.


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Everbloom: Stories of Deeply Rooted and Transformed Lives

This book is a collection of stories of women writers who draw on love, loss, growth and redemption to provide a fabulous offering for any woman reader in your life. This book was an honor to be a contributor to and having my voice alongside these women writers was nothing but pure joy.


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Start Love Repeat By: Dorcas Cheng-Tozun

If you know anyone in you life who is an entrepreneur, then this book is for their spouse. Raw, true and chalk full of wisdom about marital steadiness, this book is perfect for any couple who has taken or getting ready to step out of the “normal” workflow and into a pace that can only be defined as their own.


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What Is The Bible By: Rob Bell

If we have spent more than ten minutes together in real life recently, I have probably told you about this book. I listened to it over the course of two days and may have ended up in tears on the side of soccer field when I finished it. Take everything you’ve ever heard about Rob Bell and put a lid on it. This book is a delightful, unique and refreshing way to look at an ancient book and apply it to your daily life.

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A Voice Becoming By: Beth Bruno

I am in a writer’s group with Beth and have had the pure honor of being given early access to this book. If you are raising a girl or have plans of doing so in the future, this book is for you or the mama in your life. Poignant, sincere and thoughtful, this book takes mother-daughter relationships into perfect perspectives.

There are also several pre-order goodies available for a little while with this book and you can head to the author’s website for all the information.


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Love Does By: Bob Goff 

There is no one walking planet Earth right now that does not need this book. I always have extras in my gift closet and there may have been two Christmases where I bought this book for EVERYONE on my list. It is the last book my father read on this planet and the words, laughter and truth inside its pages are needed today more than every. Do yourself a favor and stop reading right here and go put Bob’s book in your Amazon cart. You will NEVER be sorry.

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The Flood Girls By: Richard Fifield

For the fiction lover in your life, this is the book. I listened to it on Audible and there were several times that I could not stop myself from laughing. Witty, heartfelt and delightful, Richard Fifield needs to be writing for forever, because I will be buying.

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No More Fear For Kids: A Family Devotional By: Johannah Reardon


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This devotional for kids between 8-12 is a wonderful way for families to discuss with their children fear and how to overcome it. Whether it is at bedtime, in the car or around the dinner table, this is a wonderful way to open lines of communication between tweens and parents.


Upside-Down Living: Sharing Faith Stories By: April Yamaski

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We all have stores about our faith. This collection of individual stories are themed and a great gift for anyone on your gift list.

Can You See Anything Now: A Novel By: Katherine James

This was another book I had the joy of reading an advanced copy of before the rest of the world. Katherine’s first novel is full of complex characters and an amazing read curled up by the fireplace for every reader you know.

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I Walk For Water By: Lindsey Andrews

If you need a picture book with a message, this is your choice. My 1st picture book is super cheap on Amazon right now and it makes a great gift for any young reader, teacher or librarian in your life.

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Books On My Nightstand:

Here’s a list of books I haven’t read but have been on my list to read recently.

Redeeming Ruth: Everything Life Takes, Love Restores by Meadow Rue

Brave Is the New Beautiful: Finding the Courage To Be The Real You By: Lee Wolfe Blume

Holy Listening With Breath, Body & The Spirit By: Whitney Simpson

Making Marriage Beautiful:Lifelong Love, Joy & Intimacy Start With You By: Dorothy Greco

Love Undocumented: Risking Trust In A Fearful World By: Sarah Quezada

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