Buying A New Car

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Buying A New Car

We have reached that dreaded point in our marriage where buying a new car is going to be necessary in a few months. I usually hate shopping for cars because buying a new car is such a hassle. We have actually been looking for almost a year and to be honest, I just do not want to shell out a ton of money for a vehicle.

Over the last two years, we have been so good about paying off debt and not incurring new debt. We also have been putting money into an account every month specifically for our car budget. And since we already know we want a used car, there is a great resource for us to have.

What I love about is that I do not have to leave my house or even change out of my pjs. All I do is put in the car I am looking for, how far we are willing to travel and our price point. Then the website pulls up all the dealers in our area and voila!

While the mom side of my brain knows that room, storage, four doors is important and our family will be better served by something like this:


buick enclave - buying a new car


I still cannot help dreaming that something like this would be WAY more fun!

red mini convertible car - buying a new car

Have you shopped for a new or new to you car recently? Consider trying to help find your next family vehicle. Or the sporty car of your fantasies!

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