Can Taylor Swift Make You A Better Parent?

Our kids are 7 and 11 this year and both of them seem to be going on 25. The things they like, who their BFF of the moment is and what is considered “cool”, “popular” or “awesome” seems to change as often as their socks. As the mom of a 7year old boy, I admit he does not do this as often as he should.  We’re still tackling “just because you’ve worn it four days AND put it back in the drawer does NOT make it clean” concept.

The hubby and I wonder like every other parent in the history of the world “Are we doing this right?” He and I talk often about connecting with them, being in the “know” about their lives and maintaining the balance of having them come to us with everything and yet still being a parent not a friend.

Peeps, can I tell you something? IT. IS. HARD. I pray over them as much as I do for the way I handle every parenting situation. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM.

Knowing when to pick battles in order to win the war is crazy. Denying my daughter an Instagram account was a battlefield I was willing to bleed out on. Others, I’m willing to let go of quickly. As Dad and I are not the only influences in their lives, outside forces will be what they will be. I can’t stop them all. And yet, one of the craziest things to monitor is what they hear on the radio. Not only in our own cars but also with friends, on TV and even at school. When the 7year old came home belting out the love song to 50 Shades of Gray, I got concerned. I wasn’t going to restrict it all but in order to let some of it in for the sake of “being cool”, I’d also have to endure listening too it.

I know now why my father always turned off NKOTB when I was growing up. My old man was a classic rocker and who wants to have lived through the Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison only to have to listen to his two tween girls belt out a bubble gum boy band?  I get it Dad. Man, do I get it.

The kids and I have been able to agree on a few songs and musicians that don’t make me want to veer into oncoming traffic. But mainly, the biggest winner most of the time is Taylor Swift. There are no “explicit” warnings on her albums and actually my son belts out ‘Bad Blood’ with more believability than my daughter. I also don’t have to bite my fingernails during her performances, waiting for a wardrobe malfunction on award shows, when the kids ask to watch her. Her lyrics are fun and I’ve even caught the husband belting out a few once in awhile. (He would never admit it :) )When the girls pile into our car during soccer tournaments, they know I’ve got the 1989 album cued up and ready to go for them. Score one for being a “cool mom”. It may be the last one I get for awhile. She is almost on the cusp of teenagehood.

So thanks T. Swift for being an agreeable songstress for my family. Do I think you’ll make me a better parent? No. That’s my job and it’s all up to me. You are making it a very small piece of it fun though. I’m really grateful for that.

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