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Tonight was Le and I’s first time to experience Ethiopian food. There is a group of families in the Oklahoma City area that have adopted from Ethiopia and meet once a month for dinner at a local Ethiopian restaurant. For those of you who were as surprised as Le and I were, yes, there is […]
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  • April 15, 2009
I have to hand it to my mother. She is the best. There has never been a time in my life that I have needed something that she has not completely followed through. It must be a mom thing. Again, this weekend, in my time of need, she came through with flying colors. I haven’t […]
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  • April 08, 2009
Le and I had our phone interview with the adoption agency today. We were extremely discouraged to learn that due to other countries tightening their adoption policies, adoption times in Ethiopia have almost doubled in the last year. They are estimating that it will be at least 18 months before we travel. While this news […]
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  • April 02, 2009
I had always doubted whether or not I should be a mom. I had chosen a profession which I knew required long hours and a lot of stress. I had wondered whether or not a having a baby would be selfish if there was no way to cut my schedule back. Two things happened that […]
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  • March 28, 2009