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Living Out Love Last week, I wrote this blog post.  On Saturday, I got the chance to live it out. I got the honor to drive my friend Alecia to the airport on her way (flying alone) to bring the two newest children to their family by way of the Ukraine. You all helped advocate for their family on […]
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  • January 31, 2012
I posted about the Horner family back in November during National Adoption Month. Their story is an incredible testament to the faithfulness of our God. Mama Alecia leaves in the morning to travel one more time back to the Ukraine to finally bring home their two new Ukrainian angels FOR GOOD! They only have this […]
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  • January 27, 2012
Such a cutie pie! Meet Ilyssa. An adorable Ukranian princess who has HIV. A manageable, controllable condition, which if maintained through medication and love, will mean that she grows up just like everyone else. Ilyssa is being advocated for by Reeces Rainbow and you can find her profile here. Who wouldn’t be blessed to see […]
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Meet Nicholas. This precious Ukrainian boy is in perfect medical condition, except for one thing. He is an orphanage because his mother broke his heart. Nicholas suffers from a burned scalp, which from his profile states was at his mother’s own hands. She sat his hair on fire when Nicholas was three. He has received […]
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