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I’ve been lazy this week. Well, not exactly lazy (we’ve been at Disney World with our niece and nephew all week), but I haven’t blogged for several days. When Le and I began our adoption journey, we knew that having children of our own would change things a lot. Our niece and nephew are the […]
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  • May 28, 2009
Awhile back, Le and I were driving to Tulsa. During the ride, I broke out a pen and a piece of paper and Le and wrote out a list of all of the places in the world that we wanted to see before we died. We made a pretty impressive recitation of places we were […]
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  • May 21, 2009
I have written a lot about my family. Family has always been a big part of my life. I knew that when it was time to get married, that my husband’s family would be an extension of a new part of my life. What I didn’t expect was to have hit the in-law jackpot! When […]
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  • May 19, 2009
This weekend, Le was off of work and we got to be together for two whole days. With his schedule at the fire department, this only happens every three weekends, so being together for so long on the weekends is sometimes a little crazy. Last post, my wonderful husband hacked into my blog and recorded […]
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  • May 17, 2009
Today we received our FBI background checks from Virginia. When I returned to the office, we also had the rough draft of our homestudy emailed to us. From here, we have to have our homestudy finalized and mailed off to the U.S. Immigration office for approval and they will set the appointment for us to […]
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  • May 05, 2009
Last night our wonderful nephew came to spend the night with us. We hung out and when Le headed to the station today, Landon and I headed for church. Afterwards I got to go pick up Landon’s little sis, Lexi and have lunch with them. When I dropped them off at home, Lexi clung to […]
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  • May 03, 2009