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I stood in the greeting card aisle this morning with all my fellow procrastinators, wondering if Hallmark writers had better words to say for my mother, for myself and the mom friends I know who are struggling on this celebratory day for mothers. As I flipped through card after card of dripping sweet sentiments, I […]
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Often, when we are so wrapped up in grief, things slip past us. The concept of time can slap us right in the face and we are scrambling to put things together for an event or holiday. Worse, at times, we just wish the event/holiday/social gathering/appearance would altogether disappear. While I adore my baby boy […]
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I could see very early in grieving my brother’s death that I could easily become bitter. At him, at the world, at my current circumstances and at life in its entirety. But I wanted to see Christ move through this loss and use it in a way that was glorifying to Him. If that were […]
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  • March 12, 2014