Choosing The Perfect Dog

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The J.M. Smucker Company. The opinions and text are all mine.

My kids have a joke around our house. They are fond of saying that mom’s favorite kid is the dog. Well, since the dog never talks back to me, is always happy to see me and does not create huge messes expecting me to clean them up, maybe the kids are onto something. And perhaps that I simply lucked out in choosing the perfect dog.

Walter, is a nine year old French Bulldog that Le and I rescued as a puppy. He was on his way to a puppy auction when the rescue we worked with bought him. He was the only one in his litter and was small for his age. His ears were not standing up yet and this apparently was not ideal in the eyes of his breeder.

french bulldog sitting on a chair - choosing the perfect dog

From the first time I played with him, I had met my match. His personality and mine are almost the exact same. While he is all bulldog, which brings out his stubborn side, he is laid-back, calm and incapable of being hyper for more than 30 seconds at a time. Like most French Bulldogs, he is close with every member of our family, but Mom is most definitely his chosen person.

He is not one for long walks or high energy runs, just like someone else I know. Instead of playing catch or chewing dog bones, he is content to sit and cuddle. The most active he chooses to be is when we travel to the beach as a family every other year. He enjoys walking into the waves and then digging himself into cool sand.

french bulldog next to a swimming pool - choosing the perfect dog

Our mornings when the kids are in school are some of the best days ever. He stands watch, keeping the yard safe from squirrels, birds and other unknown predators, like blowing leaves. While I read and work and sip coffee, he usually gets a few treats.

black french bulldog by a swimming pool - choosing the perfect dog

He is one of the pickiest animals I have ever met and when the kids try to sneak him people food, he snubs anything fried or not smelling of meat. Which is why Pup-Peroni is so perfect for him. With ingredients like real meat like beef, steak, bacon, etc. as the #1 ingredient and real meaty goodness, it’s the perfect snack for my perfect buddy.

dog treats and a french bulldog - choosing the perfect dog

While I pour coffee in the morning and the kids are still getting ready for school or the day, I sneak a Pup-Peroni treat into my pocket and Walter and I sneak outside. He snacks while we talk about the day. Not only does it help me center before the chaos of life begins, it is also a good reminder that the best things in life are small in nature.

dog treats on store shelf - choosing the perfect dog

You can learn all about what variety of Pup-Peroni your dog loves, you can check out this list at a local Wal-Mart.  Find Pup-Peroni in the pet aisle. Your pooch will thank you and will have them saying Woof Yeah! Made with real Angus steak, you can feel good about what you are giving one of your life’s biggest companions.

So when it comes to choosing the perfect dog for your family and lifestyle, what do you need to look out for? Look for a breed that aligns with your lifestyle and never be afraid to take a chance on an animal that the “experts” have deemed unworthy.

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