Facebook Live Basics

Facebook Live Basics & Why You Should Be Doing It Now

You’ve probably seen some of your favorite Facebook personalities and friends going on Facebook Live in the last few months. There have also been commercials about the newest features from social media’s largest platform. It’s no big secret that Facebook has been marketing the heck out of this feature, but what you probably didn’t know is that Facebook loves their service so much that they are actually pushing your Facebook Live videos to a larger audience.

I was really skeptical about this at first because, well, I HATE being on video. All I see overtime it is replayed it how I need to lose another ten pounds, the lines on my eyes and smile and God forbid anyone notice that I’m three weeks past a dye job for my hair.

But every high profile blogger and social media influencer is using some form of live video and many profess Facebook Live is their biggest success.

I had heard about this so often, that I had to check it out for myself.

My Facebook Page for writing has a very small following. On an average day my metrics report that out of a written post I have a reach of 220-400 people reached. Out of almost 3,000 followers, this is still a pretty low number.

I do all of the things you are supposed to do for Facebook. I post regularly and consistently, engage other pages and tag people when it is appropriate and not spammy. But still, engaging with new readers is definitely one of my social media goals this year.

So…I gave it a try.

Last weekend, I posted my 1st Facebook live video to my Page and I couldn’t believe the traffic results!

After one week, my Facebook Live video has had nearly 2,300 views!

Facebook will also give you metrics on your Facebook Live videos to show you specifics as to how your audience was engaged by detailing not only the number of views, but the number of views that went longer than three seconds.

Inside my social media growth Facebook group, we’ve been talking a lot about our goals this year for expanding reach and video is definitely one of the ways. Instagram had been doing some of this with ¬†Instastories, but have recently expanded this to offer live video streams. The problem I’ve seen with Instagram is that the live video automatically deletes after you are done filming. So if you don’t get those viewers immediately, there is no way to save and reuse that content.

I tested out Instagram’s live feature the same day as I did my Facebook live video to compare the two. The numbers were crazy. I had 95% more views and reach with Facebook live than I did with Instagram. This was surprising to me, because my Instagram has 11,000 followers, compared to my measly 3,000 Facebook Page fans.

I cannot tell you that I have fallen in love with seeing myself on live video. It is still uncomfortable & when I shot my first video last week for a sponsored post, I still wanted to throw up. I have to tell you though, I’m convinced the uneasiness is worth it!

I’ll definitely be going live again soon, especially with a new book coming out this year. I heard blogging guru Charlene Johnson on a podcast a few weeks ago and she was talking about the products she uses to do her Facebook Live videos. She was talking about a ring light that attaches to her iPhone that increases light and acts like an instant facelift to her when she is shooting.

So of course I ordered one because if you’re going to create videos on the internet, who doesn’t want to look like they’ve had a facelift?

I ordered one like this from Amazon. It even has a remote so you can set it up on a tripod and then shoot group pics or selfies. It is relatively inexpensive (around $17.00 before shipping). I’ll be using it this week when I shoot some more videos, so I’ll let you know how it goes.


Have you dabbled in the world of making live videos yet? What were your results? Have you gone live on Facebook yet? Leave me a comment and let me know about your experience.

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