Facebook Mastermind Groups-Join & Start One

Are you looking and planning on growing your social media presence this year? Are you a writer or a consultant for your favorite product and want to get your message out further into the world? If you said “yes”, then you’ve got to get involved in Facebook Mastermind Groups.

What is a Facebook Mastermind Group?

Facebook Mastermind Groups are specified groups inside of Facebook that allows you to engage other users who share a common interest. There are literally thousands of social media groups, writing groups, parenting groups and

Why Do I Need to Join? 

If you are wanting to sell online, learning from other business owners in your niche is crucial. It is also a lot of fun.

How Do I Find Facebook Mastermind Groups To Join? 

Using the search bar inside of Facebook, enter a keyword that interests you. At the top of your page, there will be a tab for “Groups”. Clicking on the tab will open up a list of groups you can scroll through and check out.

I am a member of so many Facebook groups it is crazy. I love being able to interact about writing and motherhood and social media inside individual groups without having an open discussion on my personal or business page.

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Why Should I Start My Own Facebook Mastermind Groups?

If you offer an online course, specialized training or are launching a book or product, you need a place to connect with your audience. A mastermind group allows readers a place to see you up close and personal and you can offer some of your best tips up close to your tribe. Make sure to be consistent and active in whatever group you start and be sure to give plenty of value to your members.

When I sat down with a book publicist last year, her only complaint about my writing wasn’t the writing. She was concerned that my social media numbers were too low. Her advice was to dig into social media growth for a bit and focus on growing on my followers. Doesn’t it seem silly that in this day and age, writing and social media are synonymous with one another? I thought so, until my numbers started growing. The more people invested in your message and the more your words can help.

Because my numbers have increase so much, I wanted to help others out. I do this every day in my Facebook Mastermind Group If you are wanting to get encouragement, engagement and tips, we’d love to welcome you! Also, if you have your own Facebook Mastermind group, leave me a message in the comments…I’d love to check it out.

What’s your favorite social media channel and why? I am currently in love with Instagram & it is where I spend a lot of my time posting about writing, family and finding daily joy. I’ll see you there!


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