Christians Have No Callings

Christians Have No Callings

I’ve been intimately introduced to Jesus since I was eight years old. Our relationship is not unlike every other one in my life.  It fluctuates based upon what else is going on in my life. I can be the most fickle of individuals. Flaming with passion one second and two breaths later, chilly as an Icelandic winter. Not always is this bi-polar reaction intentional on my part. I’m the phrase “I love Jesus but I cuss a little.” When “thank you Jesus” doesn’t come as quickly from my lips as “damn it all to hell”, it’s been a rough day.

While I deeply desire for God to use me, I am usually guilty for getting in His way with my own agendas. Growing up in church, if I heard the word “calling” once, I heard every day for the whole sum of my life. Try as I prayed over this, I never felt as though God had a specific “call” on my life. Law school seemed the appropriate path, so I took it. Marrying my husband was a no brainer because I couldn’t see my life without him in it. Even our adoption, while I felt God’s hand in every step of they journey, I did not feel as though motherhood was “the call”. It left me feeling depleted and stressed in my faith. Was I missing something or was God simply choosing not to talk to me?

Again, I was making our relationship about me. I wanted reassurance that I was doing everything right, that my calling was to be a good Christian (I still have no idea what this means). Flipping though my Bible, I was stunned to know that the disciples struggled with this concept too. They were concerned with who was going to be first in the kingdom of heaven and what was the greatest of all the commandments. (I am thrilled to know that other lovers of Jesus are also completely self absorbed at times).

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Despite being a lawyer for over 11 years now, I tend to take people at their word. So when Jesus says in Matthew “love God with your heart your soul and your mind and love your neighbor as yourself.” Boiling this down was a turning point in my life. Whether we adopt, make it to church every Sunday the doors are open or serve the homeless two meals a week, it all boils down to whether or not there was love involved. Motherhood, practicing law, being a wife, being a speaker and writer, none of those are my calling.

All of the opportunities, experiences and decisions I make should be surrounded in prayer and sound advice from those I love and trust.  Am I walking in love and understanding for God and those around me? That’s the only calling I need.

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