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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own & I selected the brands I wanted to work with in this post. 

So after my last sponsored post by Groupon, I discovered Groupon Coupons. As if I needed one more reason to shop online. These work just like any other online coupon, only you can search by what brand you are interested in. Once you find the specific company you are looking for, then you can search that brand’s specific coupons.

My two personal favorites this week are Shari’s Berries and Charming Charlie. Shari’s Berries has been one of my favorite things for a long time. My dad was notorious for bringing me chocolate covered strawberries my birthday and Valentine’s day.

On the years he was traveling and away from home, Shari’s Berries showed up to the rescue to deliver Dad’s gifts. Shari’s Berries stole my heart a few months ago, when they shipped me a free box of goodies to try from their harvest collection.

These brownie pops did not last long around my house.This week, there are several great deals on Groupon Coupons, ranging from 45% off a dozen chocolate covered strawberries to 58% off Shari’s Berries birthday cakes. Here is the link if you want to check out the current Groupon Coupons for Shari’s Berries. 


halloween brownie pops with pumpkins - groupon coupons

Charming Charlie

If you are like me, expensive accessories are never going to work in my life. I’m clumsy, I forget and I have kids. I blame all of this for the reduction in my brain capacity. It also means I refuse to buy high end earrings, watches and sunglasses.

My favorite pair of sunglasses pre-children are floating somewhere in the Caribbean as we speak. It need fashion that flows with my budget and my inability to keep up with them forever. Enter Charming Charlie into my life.

Groupon Coupons has some great savings going on for Charming Charlie right now and you can shop for everyone on your gift list. While you are there, go ahead and get extra goodies for you, because Lord knows with the stress of the holiday season, you are sure to lose or break some of your favorite pieces.

You can check all those Charming Charlie coupons out here. For so many other great deals and ways to save money, check out all the available brands here.


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