Happy Father's Day

I’m not sure how other men handle years of infertility, struggling, begging God to have a baby.
I don’t know how any other man deals with a crazy wife who dreams of adopting, not knowing where that road might lead.
Maybe there are better stories of heroism and bravery, but I haven’t heard them.
I know that you held me when the sobs of despair had overtaken me.
I know that you breathed “yes” to adoption before it was every really an option for us.
I know that you followed Jesus day in and day out on our road to becoming a family.

I know we boarded a plane together as 2 and came back as a pack of 4.

I know that from the moment he met you, you were his “person” and he’s been attached to you ever sense. 
I know that she sees strength and power in you and she relies on you for that. 
I know that you are teaching her how to be purely loved so that YOU are the standard she judges all other men by.

I don’t know how other men handle tough situations in their lives, but I know how you handle yours.

And I couldn’t be more honored to have my life validated by having you in it. 
Happy Father’s Day to the most pure hearted, amazing Hero I know. 
Lindsey Andrews
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Attorney & Author. Always in search for daily joy.


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