Hotel Savings: Before Booking

Hotel Savings: Before Booking

We have officially entered my least favorite time of year. The time of year where we are going at the speed of light because both kids are on traveling soccer teams. While I love packing a bag and going somewhere, standing on the side of a soccer field all weekend in Dallas does not a vacation make. In order to support our travel plans, I needed to find some more hotel savings secrets.

But alas, this is the stage of life that we are in, so here we go. This Spring is going to be a doozy. Three out of town weekend tournaments for Thing 1 and at least two out of town weekend tournaments for Thing 2.

You already know all the benefits to shopping early and on several different sites, but did you know that almost all the major hotel savings websites are on Ebates? I discovered this yesterday and I cannot believe I didn’t know about this before now.

If you  are not familiar with Ebates, let me give you a quick run down. It is a FREE website to use and there are only two steps to getting started.

Set Up Your Free Account

Ebates is a cash back services provider. They partner with brands and companies all over the world (including Amazon for certain products) to offer a percentage discount to you, the buyer. For every purchase that you make, your discount percentage is stored in your online account with Ebates. Once you have reached $10 in your account (which takes me no time at all!) a check is mailed to the address of your choosing.

Get To Shopping

Once your account is set up, you start shopping. Pick your favorite brand or website and you are re-directed to that company’s website. In the last two years, I’ve made over $130.00 just by checking Ebates first before shopping online at places I was going to shop at anyways.

Saving Money On Hotels

But how does this translate into hotel savings? So Thing 1 has a tournament in Dallas next weekend. The team got a group rate directly through the hotel, but I wanted to see if I could stay at the same hotel for less.

I checked online and the rate through every major hotel savings chain was $84 a night. A quick check of Ebates said that Orbitz was offering 8.1% cash back on hotel bookings for that day. Signing into Orbitz and registering to receive their email newsletter, qualified me for their reward program, they call Orbucks. This just means that Orbitz rewards you for shopping with them and their Orbuck can be redeemed for cash for hotels, airplane tickets or vacation packages.

So just by using Ebates and Orbitz together, I saved $9.66 for a one night hotel stay that I was going to have to take anyways! And it is $9.66 I can put toward another trip-hopefully not to a soccer field.

So if you are getting ready to shop online, Ebates is my favorite way to do it. If you sign up by clicking the link below, I get money and you get an additional $10 after your first shopping trip. Since there are tons of travel links inside of Ebates, you can make 2017 your year of cheap travel!


Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


Do you have any ways you save money traveling? I’d love to here about them!


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