On & Off The Field-Guest Post

I was honored to guest post over on Encouraging Dads/The Father Effect today. I wrote about one of my favorite people….my dad.

On & Off The Field

Athleticism in my family stopped with my father. My grandfather was a featherweight boxer in the army and both his sons followed in his footsteps. A baseball player through high school, Dad wanted desperately for one of the three of us kids to inherit the genes of a ball player. His preference was softball for his two girls or baseball for my brother, but by the time we were in grade school, I think he’d have settled for any type of ball to stick. The three of us were mediocre at best.

mommy whispering to Alazar


He offered to coach a softball team in our miniscule home town when I was seven. I signed up to play because it meant spending quality time with Dad. In a family of five, you take whatever individual time you can get. Even if means having other girls chunk softballs at your head, you still roll out of bed.  For a man who traveled 275 days a year, Friday night practices and weekend tournaments were heaven on earth to me. None of my reasons of joining the team had anything to do with my desire to play the game.

Early Saturday morning games meant breakfast at McDonald’s and late night tournaments away from home meant eating pizza or tacos out.  Living in a small town twenty minutes from the closest restaurant, every meal not served by my mother was a gift. Even though my siblings and mom were usually tagging along, warm up and practices were just extra Daddy time for me. Sticky Oklahoma summer days on a red dirt laden ball field and the smell of a leather glove and sweaty ball cap makes me smile. It was some of the best days of my childhood.

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