12 Ways To Increase Instagram Reach

12 Ways To Increase Instagram Reach

Want to increase Instagram reach? This article is for you.

It is not a big secret how powerful Instagram is becoming in social media reach for your business, your Etsy shop, writing career etc. All I wanted to do was write more books, but an agent told me I needed to increase my social media following. So I tried to learn everything I could about social media and focused on Instagram for a solid four months.

Without buying followers or other “get followers quick” schemes, I developed a strategy that grew my Instagram from 400 followers to over 10,000 in a little over four months.

Make Your Account Public

It is impossible to increase Instagram reach if your profile is still set to private. There is nothing that says you can’t have a private account set up for your friends and family to follow. But if you want Instagram to reach more people, you need to be seen.

Know Thy Follower

Social media researchers have been saying for awhile that you need to have a profile of your ideal reader/follower. How do you do this? Take notes about the people that are already following you.  I actually write out certain characteristics of my ideal follower, so as to remind me to hone my message always to my audience.

My ideal follower is named Wendy. She is 33, two kids, loves donuts and anything bright. She loves being a mom and having a dog but she struggles to find joy in the small things. She works full-time outside the home but has a side hustle she wants to become her main income stream.

Research Relevant Hashtags

The biggest way to get noticed on Instagram is hashtags. People and brands want to connect and see what other accounts are doing and the best way of doing that is hashtags. It is worth researching your niche and interests and create a list of hashtags you that fit your profile.

As you are allowed 30 hashtags per post, make them count. My ratio is I like to have at least 3-4 that are unique to my geographical location. 3-4 that are specific to my niche, at least 3-5 that are trending on Instagram such as #like #instalike #photo #ootd #lovely  and the remainder of of my 30 I make sure are about social media, business and writing.

Implement Varying Hashtags

Once you have a good idea about what works for your account, consider scheduling out your posts to post during the best times. Buffer and CrowdFire are both apps that allow you to schedule Instagram posts.

Make sure that each of your posts varying hashtags. Sticking with the same twenty hashtags for every single post is redundant and limits your reach. Using a Notes app on your phone, set up several varying hashtags groupings of 20 hashtags. I have groupings for every day of the week, business, writing, parenting and social media.

If I am posting about one of these things, I copy one hashtag grouping, set up my post on Insta and post the picture. The in the first comment under my post, I paste my hashtag grouping. This also helps you rank higher in the Instagram algorithm because of how quickly a comment appears underneath your post.

Change Up Your Game

If you have been working consistently on your Instagram account hashtags and there is no noticeable increase, do not be scared to change things up. Every month, I look back to my feed and see what the best, most engaged posts. I keep metrics inside my blog calendar and note what works and try to do more of those posts.

Also, try something different. If there is a new filter or direction you want to go, do it! If it doesn’t work, you can always delete it.

Consistent Posting

Proceed with caution here. I am not telling you to just post for postings sake. If you want Instagram to increase, your imaging and branding need to be the same feel throughout. While I usually post 1-3 times a day, there are days that I post nothing at all. That is perfectly okay.

Look at your feed as a collection of your best moments. If a post won’t look good in your top six post when people are looking at your profile, then DO NOT post it! Instagram is definitely quality over quantity.

Emulate Accounts You Admire

Find other accounts in your niche and do what they do. This does not mean to plagiarize or steal their setups or ideas. Several of my favorite accounts have inspired to hone my Instagram game and on the rare occasion I am struggling to find content, I will repost a pic of their. Always ask for permission permission before you do this and ALWAYS tag and give credit to the original Instagram account.

Take Better Pictures

Instagram is all about the way things look. You’ve got one image at at time to sell your message/business/personality. Make sure those images count. Whether you shoot with a DSLR or your phone, triple check everything before you post it to Instagram. There are several camera filters available for iPhone and Android. Pick one or two and play around with them.

I shoot almost all of my Instagram posts with my iPhone 7. My two favorite apps are Camera+ and if I want to add text to a photo, I use PicLab. Both of these have a minimal cost but they are worth it. Camera+ has lighting features

Follow Your Followers

Several IG accounts think it is amazing if they have 10,000 followers and only follow 5 back. There are very few accounts I follow or engage with who practice this method. I honestly feel it is insincere. I understand why someone like Kylie Jenner has an account that is not maintained by her alone, but if you want real people to follow your IG, follow some of them back.

Personally, I have a 10% followers/following mantra and this works for me.


There are a lot of loop giveaways designed to increase Instagram reach right now. I love giving away free stuff to my Instagram feed and this can be a good way to boost numbers quickly. Just know that these followers may also choose to leave you after the loop is over. I did a giveaway of my own with a few of my favorite accounts before Christmas. I offered some of my favorite products and offered several ways for my followers to win and a requirement was to tag friends to earn entries.

Not only did this open up my account to new followers, it was also a lot of fun.


Instagram’s algorithm is such that they want to highlight accounts that are not only engaging but engage others as well. Making sure you are responding and engaging with comments and likes on your posts. Often, I will look up my post recent engagers and reciprocate to their accounts. People like being seen and noticed, so if you want to receive good things on social media, put out good things.

Comment & Like Pods

One of the best ways to increase Instagram reach is by joining a group of active accounts. Inside the messages in Instagram, pick a group of people you are active with and agree to like and/or like & comment every post that one another put on Instagram. This ups your engagement and allows for you to encourage other accounts too.

If this information was helpful to you and you need more information about increase Instagram reach? We talk about Instagram and every other social media channel on Facebook Live twice a week. There are also daily engagement threads and you can find out more here.

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