It’s been 18 months since we’ve been a family of four.

Sometimes, the days go by so fast, it’s only when I look back at pictures
that I am reminded of how much the kids have changed,
and how far we’ve come as a family.
I had a friend post this video a few days ago.
I remembered this song from when we were in the waiting process
for The Princess and The Dinosaur.
I had it up and playing on my computer today at work
when The Dinosaur bounded into my lap.

I hadn’t been fully paying attention to the video while I was working,
but as The Dinosaur asked me questions about the video and the song,
remembrance of longing for my children two years ago flooded back.
As The Dinosaur sat in my arms and I sang along,
I let the tears stream down my face
and onto to one of the precious heads I waited so long to meet.

Lindsey Andrews
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Attorney & Author. Always in search for daily joy.


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