Joy Notes: Ready To Re-Charge Your Life?

Joy Notes: Let’s Re-Charge Our Lives!

It is that time of year. You know, the time that after Halloween you set into a frenetic pace until after January 1st? If you are like me, I want so deeply to hold on to the joy of the season, but my to-get tackled list usually ends up tackling me.

Yesterday, I sent my email list friends a challenge to post a photo from their previous weekend over on our Facebook page and tell me what they did that brought them joy last weekend. It was so much fun to see what everyone was up to and almost every single photo was a photo or a selfie with everyone’s family.

Those are the kind of moments I want to relive ALL. THE. TIME. this season. So we agreed, we should do it again. I hate having an email inbox full of emails that I do not want to read or have any intention of reading. But if there was something that could remind me to refocus each week and search for more joy-now that is an email that I would love to open.

That Is Where Joy Notes Comes In!

What is Joy Notes?

Joy Notes is a weekly prompt that is delivered to your email. Inside will be a VERY SHORT suggestion for how to seek out, speak out and give away more joy in your daily live. Because I  have been talking to a lot of my friends and we all seem to be in desperate need of more joy.

Also, when you sign up for joy notes, this fantastic free printable will be delivered directly to your inbox. Hang it on your fridge, next to your bedside, in the center of the kitchen table or on your desk. It will be a great way to seek out joy, speak joy with your words and actions and give joy away to someone else.

joy notes


I am so excited about this new project. Mostly, because I have the deepest need for more joy in my life. And I am pretty sure you do too.

As we head into the holiday season, may this be a small way to capture, cherish and give away more holiday cheer.

Sign up for joy notes by filling out the form below. I HATE spam emails so you will only receive one short email every Monday and you can unsubscribe to the emails at any time.

Enjoy the freebie and jump over to Facebook when you are done signing up for joy notes so you can share your joy journey and get inspiration from others.

Happy Holidays & Cheers to More Joy,

Lindsey Andrews

Lindsey Andrews
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Attorney & Author. Always in search for daily joy.


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