Kids Helping Kids By Fundraising


Kids Helping Kids By Fundraising

We do a lot of fundraising at our house. With two kids in full time, competitive soccer, we sell ribs, t-shirts and host car washes and other ways to raise money to keep doing the things our kids love. Ever since we have been home from Ethiopia and seeing people in need, it has been a continual teaching moment with our kids to remind them that others have it worse off.

My father always said when I was playing sports that you have to give every game, every practice, every event your best. Why? He said because you were never just playing for yourself. You were also playing for all of the kids in the world who were too sick to play the game. You carried their dreams and goals on the field with you every time you got the chance.

It was one of the ways we belong to each other. We carry each other when one of us cannot carry themselves. Never is this more apparent than reading about the great work that happens by the people at Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Ronald McDonald Houses

When a child is undergoing a medical procedure or treatment, Ronald McDonald houses are within steps of those facilities. The doors are opened to families and it happens at NO. COST. TO. THEM.

Talk about carrying one another’s burdens! The ways in which they give back blows my mind. This non-profit organization in 2016 alone provided 2.4 million overnight stays to families.


kid juggling - kids helping kids

The thought of one of my kids battling a life threatening illness or surgery brings me to my knees. It did provide a fantastic opportunity for me to discuss with the 9year old about how other kids have different circumstances than he does. And while raising money for sports is cool, raising funds for kids in need is another way that we belong to one another as people.

As he juggled, we talked about how hard it was to have all those balls in the air. Worrying about where they will go and how they will come down. And how kids who are sick are also juggling their own problems and how they have a lot to worry about.

kid juggling two balls - kids helping kids

After our talk, he decided that raising money for Ronald McDonald House was something he could do. So he’s going to get better at juggling (but he wants it to be soccer balls, not hacky sacks!). I told him that Dad and I would pledge ten cents for every consecutive juggle he got with a soccer ball.

You can find out more and donate too by going here and checking out the Ronald McDonald House Charities and Raise Love yourself!

a child's open hands - kids helping kids

We also made you a video of other ways you could start fundraising efforts on your own, by doing what you love!

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