Letters to Lexi: You Can Wait

Letters to Lexi: You Can Wait


There are so many things people say about life, love, relationships and how one should go about their day. The Huffington Post has a LOT of good articles about these topics. You will be hard pressed to search the internet for quotes about anything and not pull up two hundred pages of thoughts and advice on how you should live. You’d think that a woman who writes to you about life would be full of quips and one liners about what you should do with your life. The news is: you can do without most of it.  It doesn’t mean I will stop writing to you and encouraging you in my own way. This is your free license not to keep it all. All of anything can be very overwhelming.

I hope you take everything I tell you and keep what sticks to your heart and throw the rest away. Feel free to do this with every other person and website choosing to give you advise.

If you hear nothing else I say, there is one phrase I hope you remove from your vocabulary.  You’ve said it a few times and while I understand the excitement surrounding them, they are really no use to you.  These three words seem harmless enough and yet they suck the life out of the hear and now. “I can’t wait” are the most soul sucking words you can utter. No matter what phrase comes after them, “I can’t wait” spits in the eye of the present.

“I can’t wait” to be married.

“I can’t wait” to graduate, have a job, have a family and a home.

“I can’t wait” to retire and travel the world.

Oh honey. Hear me, you can wait.

Saying “I can’t wait” only means you’re forcing through what is before you in anticipation for what might become later. Life will come. It will blow your mind as it speeds by you. Breathe in and repeat after me: I can wait.

Instead of pinning away for Mr. Right, relish in girls’ night outs and impromptu sushi dates with co-workers. While some of your friends may be having babies and starting families, if God holds that off for you, smile. Pack a bag and take a wild trip. Stay up late and read the best of the best of literature, or re-watch the movies you love. Over and then yet again lie awake deep into the night, and dream of what is to be. Don’t be selfish enough to hurry through this season. Know the joy of getting up early and sipping champagne until the stars fade in the sky.

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The truth is you can wait and you will have to in order to see all of life to the end. By all means my darling, dream. Dream long and loud and forever about what you want to have happen in your life. Just remember that while you are dreaming, put a lot of sweat behind those stars in your eyes. Sweat and starlight mixed together is good measure is the only way to success. What you think you are waiting for will fall into place while you’re working and dreaming.

Watching you grow is one of the best parts of my life. While I know society is forcing you to grow up quick by the messages they send, you will get there. All in good time, you will get there. Cars and mortgages and babies may all be in your cards. I hope and wish and dream I am there to see all of them. I want to see you in those roles, but I can wait too. Watching you in this moment, front and center of my life is my favorite. It is the present I unwrap merely being in your presence.

Cheers to the times here and now & those yet to be lived and for the waiting in between,


Letters to Lexi is a blog series written for women and girls who may need a differing look at womanhood. We explore the good, the weird, the hard and above all else, the truth about what it means to be a woman and what your femininity means to you. So glad to have you here. You can read the first installment here.   If you have thoughts or post ideas about the topic of womanhood, I’d love to hear from you. Shoot me an email and let’s start a discussion. 




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