Me? Or Three?

Becoming a mom overnight to two toddlers was hard.
Since neither The Hero or I had never parented before,
there was/is/always stuff we don’t know.
And parenting two adopted children has its additional set of questions.
But the one we are asking ourselves lately is
Is it me?
Or because he’s three?
The Dinosaur has his nickname because well,
he’s a Dinosaur.
A cute dinosaur,
but a dinosaur all the same.
Two was adorable, challenging because of
attachment issues, but we’ve come to the other side of those I believe.
We are outside of the terrible 2s and fledgling in the
horrible 3s.
Maybe I was drinking or fell and hit my head when I was reading all those parenting books
and getting advice from all my mommy friends.
But I really thought that they were called the terrible 2s because
there was an ending date.
The Dinosaur would blow out his 3rd birthday candle
and there would be a respite.

I almost fell off my chair laughing.
The Dino better at three?
So mommy may look like this for awhile:

Until The Dinosaur looks like this again:

Come on parents, fess up,
what was your most challenging parenting age?

Lindsey Andrews
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Attorney & Author. Always in search for daily joy.


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