Mother Me Time-Guilt Free New Year

Mother Me Time-Guilt Free New Year

A few days ago, I was given the most amazing opportunity. 36 hours with no children and no spouse. While I am not usually an advocate for deserting every single member of your family, this was the most amazing space in life for me in I don’t remember when. The kids went to the grandparents and the hubs was at work. I was completely left to my own devices. I will admit that for about fifteen minutes I was completely lost inside this newly found mother me time.

I made up for it though in record time. I wrote for an entire afternoon and even ordered a movie that no one else would watch but me. I made a soup that no one else eats but myself. I served it out of my grandmother’s china, which I will not allowed to be eaten on by our kids because, well, the 7 year old has the manners bound only for a hog trough. Yet, while all of this time was glorious and I cannot wait to do it again, I fought off the guilt. Guilt of the husband being at work. Guilt of the kids being somewhere else. Guilt that I was actually having so much fun.

Ladies, why do we do this to ourselves? Why is mommy me time, no matter how long, or for what reason a thing we are made to feel guilty about? I wrestled with this for most of the evening and I came to only one conclusion. We  women (whether you are a mother or not) spend so much time taking care of everything else, we rarely devote anything to ourselves. When we are finally allotted or provided the opportunity, we freak out. Whatever mommy me time we finally have we sabotage with our own thoughts.


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I think this is the only new years resolution I plan on making this year. If and when the opportunity arises for time to write or run or read or watch I will not waste it. I will not only embrace it but I will enjoy it to the fullest. No guilt attached.

Taking care of myself helps me take care of those around me better than when I’m stressed. And none of us are being helped if we’re surrounded in guilt.

In what ways are you planning on taking care of yourself this year?

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