Nailing Motherhood At The Lake

Is the month of May kicking anyone else in the teeth? Between soccer practice, soccer finals, graduations, baby showers and the end of the school year has us running back and forth all the time. We have screamed at one another, been late everywhere and at every wits end for several weeks now.

So when the opportunity came up for us to run off for a night to a lake with some friends, we jumped at the chance. Like most things here lately, I threw together what I thought we would need, found a dog sitter for the dog and just went with it.

It rained the entire Saturday we were gone and the kids were restless. When the sun broke on Sunday morning, everyone was cheering to get out on the water. We loaded up the boat and spent four hours having them swim, jump off of cliffs and scream in joyous glee around the beach at the lake. It was family time at its best.

Except in all of our jubilation, I forgot about lunch.

pizza box beach towel and sunglasses - nailing motherhood

Needing A Wingman

There we were, without any clue about what to do to feed six kids and a dog. I was in desperate need of a #wingmama. That’s when I remembered that I had packed a few Red Baron pizzas for a quick dinner option. My sister and I ran back to the house, popped everything in the oven and waited for the wine to fill up my glass. It was in that moment I earned my first Baroness badge…the fill’er up one!

What Is A Badge?

Red Baron is now introducing their first Baroness. A mother whose social currency is the badges she has earned in motherhood and she is wanting to share with other moms for support. Each patch is an accomplishment to daily tasks of mothering, such as “Tantrum Slayer” and “Napkin Ninja”.

motherhood patch - nailing motherhood

Nailing Motherhood

There are few moments in motherhood when you think “I got this”. But showing up with six hungry kids and two hot pizzas and hearing them cheer…well, that is definitely nailing motherhood.

Even Gizmo, the adorable puppy of our friends, was motivated by eating lunch on the beach. He just kept sniffing around the kids as they scarfed down pizza and sang songs. I think it was the food and not the music that kept him excited.

puppy sitting next to a pizza box - nailing motherhood

Want to learn how to find your own Red Baron Wing mama? You have got to check this out. You can also check out out here too. Here is to getting through the rest of the school year. And to whatever else mother hood decides to throw at us.

Want To Win Free Pizza & Earn Your Own Badge?

If you are in love with getting things for free, then keep reading. Red Baron is giving three of my readers the opportunity to win a free Red Baron coupon. How? Simply tag a social media post about your own personal war story and add #wingmama to the post. I will be able to select 3 of my readers for this, so make sure to tag me in the post as well. You can also leave me a comment to this post about your own #wingmama story so I can track who participates.

Good luck!

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