New Orleans With Kids

I always hate it when people talk trash about visiting New Orleans. I’ve been going since I was in college and with a husband who is a die hard New Orleans Saints fan, he and I try to be in the Crescent City at least twice a year. The number one question people ask us is “do you go to New Orleans with kids?”

The answer is always “of course we do!”

I know. I’ll give you a minute to catch your breath or call the authorities for what you may believe to be poor parenting decisions. Now, let me explain.

There are three rules about traveling to New Orleans with kids we have always followed.

1.) Knowing When To Go Is Key. 

One of the things that makes New Orleans unique is it’s a great place for “off-season” traveling. You can get some great deals because while the rest of the world doesn’t travel in February, Mardi Gras is one of the biggest draws for people to head to NOLA.

If we are going to take our kids, we always pick the summer or November. Both of these times are off-season in New Orleans and while the summers are stifling, New Orleans is only a few hours from our favorite beach destination. This makes it a great couple of night stay before we arrived t our final summer destination journey.

Our kids love the carriage rides, the food and the architecture. They really show up for the beignets and the cafe au laits! While the heat may rise, so does our savings in summer because we can get some great deals on hotels or house rentals.

fried green tomatoes covered with sauce and shrimp - New Orleans with kids


2.) No French Quarter After Sundown. 

While we go to New Orleans for the food, the history and riding a trolley car through the City, I know others go for their own nefarious pursuits. Which is why we never take our kids down Bourbon Street (not even in the middle of the day) and we never try to be in the French Quarter after sundown.

Not only does this insure none of us are covered in beads and bad memories, but it also allows us to see the City and the sights during the day and find new places for dinner at night. There are some fantastic places to eat in the Garden District and the Warehouse District. If you plan your trip right, there can also be a ton of deals on Groupon for culinary adventures.

door way with flowers - New Orleans with kids

I mean really, where else in the world has doorways like New Orleans?

3.) No Football Games.  

This one is not so much a safety issue as it is a financial one. Game days in New Orleans are obviously high traffic times and so the costs for everything goes up. While our kids have begged us to take them to a Saints game, tickets are expensive and so are hotels and travel costs during those weekends.

While I love a good football game as much as the next Southern girl, I also do worry about the crowds before and after the game. This is also something my husband and I like to do just for us when we travel to New Orleans together.

There are tons of museums and parks and things for everyone to do in New Orleans. It has always been one of my favorite cities in the world. While there are things that need to be discussed and avoided, as there always is when traveling with children, there is so much to see, I don’t want my kids to miss out on the culture.

So if you are thinking about New Orleans with kids, DO IT! There is even a website devoted to all of the things that are going on in the Big Easy for little people.


St Louis cathedral in New Orleans - New Orleans with kids

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