Nothing Is Sacred

My transition to motherhood has not always been smooth.
Two toddlers as our first attempt at parenting is still laughable.
While doubling the laundry,
the noise,
the messes,
the food consumption
has all taken some adjustment for the Hero and I,
one thing has really been hard for me to grip:
My lack of privacy.
It’s their complete disregard for boundaries.
If they are up, they expect The Hero & I to bounce right out of bed.
Even if it’s Saturday.
Whether it’s poking our sleeping bodies,
yelling from their beds,
or standing at the closed door to our room POUNDING!
Cooking dinner
better not include a quick taste test.
Without douling out tastes for everyone.
Even an innocent grape popped into my mouth
as we head out the door.
“Mommy, what you eating?”
“Mommy, I want one of those.”
“Hey Mommy, you give [The Angel] dat?”
They don’t care it’s the only breakfast I’ve consumed.
If they are peacefully coloring,
molding play dough,
playing cars,
I may perform any mundane task.
But the moment I seize the moment
to read,
exhale on the couch,
or paint my toes,
all hell breaks loose.
Biblical proportions.
“Hey Mommy, what you doing?”
“Mommy, why you do dat?”
“Mommy, what’s dat?”
“Dinosaur, stop talking, I’m talking to Mommy”
“Can you read this Mommy?”
“HEY Mommy…”
“Hey Mommy…”
Even the most private moments of my day are subject to interruption.
A trip to the restroom or shower must be
always behind a locked door.
They are always having an even bigger emergency.
And nothing is sacred to them.
Not even the bathroom.
While I wouldn’t take anything for them,
I’m considering a pair of ear plugs.
And a bigger lock on the bathroom door.
Lindsey Andrews
About me

Attorney & Author. Always in search for daily joy.


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