Oh The Places He’s Gone!

From the first picture we saw of The Dinosaur, almost two years ago,
we knew two things:
1.) We were in love.
2.) He was going to be a mover and a shaker.
We knew these things because the guest house told us in Ethiopia,
that he was adorable and he was the most active kid there.
They also told us they specifically prayed for The Dinosaur’s family because
he was such a handful!
True DAT!

But standing in our driveway this morning,
I almost didn’t recognize him.
His first day of pre-K!
Baby, you have come so far and I am so proud to be your mommy.
You are most definitely a handful, but you most certainly make a heart FULL.
That, and you have the best fro I’ve ever seen.

Lindsey Andrews
About me

Attorney & Author. Always in search for daily joy.


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