Parents-Read This Before You Start Your Weekend



Dear Parents: It is Friday! Thank you very much little baby Jesus! There was a point this week I did not think we would all make it.

Between practices, lunches, work, school, homework and laundry, I felt like a ghost wandering about my life, wondering if anything I did was noticed or appreciated.

I do believe the dog notices but only when I fill up his food bowl and provide him with treats and scratch his tail.

Hey, some days you take love where you can find it.

There were days my Dad use to call my office and would have my staff buzz me no matter where or what I was doing.

At the time, in the midst of office meetings, court dates or simply stealing five minutes to write out a “To Be Finished” list, I found Dad’s calls ill-timed.

Even, dare I say, annoying?

Shame on me now that he’s gone for ever believing such nonsense.

Because in those times, he was calling only to tell me this:

“Hey Sister, it’s Dad. I’m not calling to complain or ask for anything. Because I know that no one in your life had told you you’re doing a great job today.

So Sister, I just needed you to know I love you and I think you ARE doing a great job.

The kids, the work, being a mom and a wife and all the things, you’re killin’ it baby girl.

I love you and have a great day.”

Ya’ll have no idea how much I wish I could hear him say those words again.

Because some days, I feel like I stink at all the things that are assigned to me.

Little dude clings on to every word his Daddy says.

I mean, look at the first picture of the first time we met them (almost 6 years ago now).

Totally Daddy adoration.

Alazar & Daddys 1st picture together


I still have to fight for that little booger’s love and attention.

I’ve stopped asking him if he’d rather Daddy or Mommy read/play basketball/make his lunch/do his hair.

He would only give me one answer.


Daddy and Alazar sleeping

Of course he would rather have Daddy.

That’s his ultimate superhero.

When you are in the trenches of parenting you wonder whether or not the things you say to them are getting through.

Are you doing a good job?

Damn. Some days I wonder if I’m doing a descent enough job to remember to put the 4 of us in clean clothes and feed us more than Cheetos and juice boxes.

I remind them often of how hard their Daddy and I work.

Not only at our paycheck jobs, but also at maintaining a house and a marriage and navigating through raising kids and loving Jesus.

And trying hard not to say “Damn” so loud they can hear us.

Still, I found myself wondering:

Are they listening?

Do they get it?

Do they understand the time, love, attention and energy my man and I put into all of the things?

Because they sure are good at forgetting to brush their teeth, make their bed and put up their shoes so the damned  blasted dog doesn’t eat them.


mommy whispering to Alazar


Then days like yesterday happen.

The 5th grader comes home hotter than a kicked over hornet’s nest.

A girl in her class told her she never wanted a husband.

Husbands are nothing but fat and lazy the girl had said.

While our child was not yet ready to admit to her classmate she may ever be in need of a husband,

(Thank you again, Jesus. May she be at least 25 before the “dating” thing becomes an issue)

she had plenty to say about the example of a husband she has in her life.

Ruta and Daddy at Disney 2010

“If you really believe that, you need to meet my dad. He is neither fat nor lazy.

And my Mom says he’s the best husband ever.”

Parents-here is your reminder going into what I hope is a restful weekend:


Even if no one notices or you feel as though you go through your day unappreciated,

your work is not ignored , you are doing this race and doing it well.

The ones under your care may not always seem to be paying attention,

but sometimes there are great reminders there is life going on behind those empty stares.

Have a great weekend.

I make no promises about their cleanliness though.

I am beginning to believe they will not learn this until they are out of our houses and paying for their own.  :)

 Mommy and Ruta

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