The Perfect Poolside Read

The Perfect Poolside Read

I am always on the lookout for a good summer read and The Marriage Pact, is the perfect poolside read. With the kids out of school, I really work at each of us having a time set aside every day for us to read. Because there is a pool in our backyard, I often use this as a motivator. We gather our books and head outside to sit beside the pool for 20-30 minutes each morning before they are allowed to swim.

Recently, I got to receive an advanced copy of Michelle Richmond’s newest summer novel, The Marriage Pact, by Random House.

hardback book beside a pool - the marriage pact

The Marriage Pact

The Marriage Pact is a summer thriller about a newly married couple, Alice and Jake. When provided the opportunity to solidify the success of their new marriage, they are offered what could be the chance of a lifetime. Or it could be the death of both of them and their marriage.

The novel explores marriage, relationships and cult culture to a level I have never yet experienced. I was so enthralled with finishing it, that I ended up reading well past the kids and I’s mandatory reading times each day.

open book - the marriage pact

I even took the Flamingo floatie on a few laps around the pool everyday.

closed hard back book on pool float - the marriage pact

There were

Although the strictness of the actual contract inside The Marriage Pact is a bit too creepy for my taste, one of the things I loved about this novel was the idea that each month you buy your spouse a gift. It doesn’t matter what the cost, the gift just has to be meaningful and thoughtful. When I finished the book yesterday, I looked up and there was one rose on my white rose bush. The rose bush was a gift my husband bought for me the month after my father died three years ago. White was Dad’s favorite color and my husband knows I would much rather plant flowers in the ground than put them in vases. The novel made me realize what a good man I had married in the first place and how maybe a certain amount of rules are not always bad. I said a certain amount.

close up of white rose - the marriage pact


So go read this description about Michelle Richmond’s The Marriage Pact and then tell me in the comments if your marriage could survive such a contract?

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